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September 21, 2021

Businessman Horia Simu questioned in case with EUR 55 M damages

Prosecutors with the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) conducted, on Thursday, searches targeting Horia Simu, a top beneficiary of property restitution, in a case involving damages worth 55 million euro, according to Agerpres.

Businessman Horia Simu is suspected of committing the crime of complicity to abuse of office in connection to his receiving overvalued reparations from the Central Commission for Determining Compensations, according to the same sources. The crimes were allegedly committed between 2006 and 2008, when Simu supported the infringement of legal procedures by the chairman, vice chairman and commission members.

In that period, Horia Simu allegedly filed with the Central Commission for Determining Compensations several forged documents, including a medical certificate attesting his precarious health situation, ensuring an apparently legal environment for the restitution procedure.

According to the same sources, the approval of the evaluation report drawn up illegally caused damages to the state budget worth 55 million euro, money Simu received illegitimately.

After the end of the searches, Horia Simu was led to the DNA headquarters for hearings.

Sources in the judiciary also say that found at Horia Simu’s home were several luxury watches, but also approximately 150 paintings signed by famous painters, such as Corneliu Baba, Gheorghe Petrascu and Samuel Mutzner.

Simu is second in the ranking of applications for damages granted by the National Authority for the Return of Properties (ANRP), an institution reporting to the prime-minister, with obtained damages amounting to RON 466.7 M.

The businessman is one of the biggest buyers of litigation rights under Law 10/2001, according to a report of the Court of Auditors concerning the activity of ANRP from 2007 to 2011 and completed in 2013. He paid approximately USD 1.5 M for litigation rights.

The report shows that Simu Schiopu made a profit from that activity of approximately USD 189 M, calculated at the USD exchange rate of 5 March 2008, of RON 2.45/USD. Following the checks performed by the Court of Auditors into the cases where receivable rights were ceded, it became clear that most such rights had been sold at much lower rates than the value mentioned in the evaluation of the claimed properties.

Horia Simu Şchiopu is nicknamed ‘the kind of copper’ as he is the owner of CupruMin, a company that processes copper.

In the past, he was an associated of ex-PSD President Mircea Geoana and of the god-sons of former PSD Senator Catalin Voicu.


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