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August 17, 2022

MEP Maria Grapini joins the Party of Humanist Power

MEP Maria Grapini informs she has joined the Party of Humanist Power (PPU), a party that intends to have as many candidates in the parliamentary election as possible.

‘I have already joined the Party of Humanist Power. I had waited for the ALDE foundation Congress. In my view, I have not left PC. I have written a public letter to President Daniel Constantin, I have talked to him, I told him it was wrong for us to let go of the party. He made a decision against the Statute from my point of view, but that is his problem. The day after the ALDE Congress I decided to join a new party, PPU. I am on the initiative group of that party. In a few days we set up initiative groups and temporary leaders in 15 counties’, Grapini said.

She said that some of the Conservatives currently in ALDE believed an alliance was going to be made with PLR, but realised that, after the merger Congress, PC had disappeared.

‘In my opinion, we’ll best see the situation six months before the local election, when the PC councillors who must say in PC for now, because they would lose their offices if they quit the party, won’t have this problem. I will work on building this party. I have already made it clear that I do not want to be the national leader, but I will be a member of the leadership. I resented what Daniel Constantin did, this is why I did not stay with him. I have chosen my way. I continue to support the Ponta Government. We intend to participate with our own candidates in the local election. We’ll see what will happen. I think we have a good chance, that will be our trial’, Grapini also said.


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