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September 29, 2022

Milk industry employers’ chairman to MEPs: Any decision you make generates additional costs

The decisions made at a European level, such as labelling or packaging translate into additional costs and the Euro-parliamentarians should take this aspect into account, the chairman of the Milk Industry Employers in Romania, Dorin Cojocaru said on Thursday.
‘I want to communicate you, as a principle, that any decision you make at a European level generates additional costs in each country. The modification of labels, the modification of the legislation on packaging, any decision that you make translates back home into costs – millions, tens of millions of euros’, Cojocaru told a conference on the Political-Economic Prospects of the Enforcement of the Common Agricultural Policy in Romania.
He underscored the need to act in a single manner when approaching the problems facing the market and cautioned that the decisions being made should help all the participants in the market in an equal manner.
According to him, it was not the dropped milk quotas that had created problems in the last 12 months, but the embargo on Russia, since in this case it was a ‘violent decision’, and the large milk stocks found in Russia and the modified production plan entailed huge costs and losses, so that some countries like Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and even Germany found themselves in a situation of supporting the domestic production ‘by unorthodox practices as well’.
‘Why did some countries financially back the sale of cheddar cheese to Lebanon by over 180 euros a tonne? If we try to do such things, it is not correct’, Cojocaru said.


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