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September 27, 2022

Blaga: PNL will have candidates ready for local elections by December

The National Liberal Party (PNL) will have candidates ready for the local elections, that are to take place next year, by December of this year, said, on Wednesday evening, the party’s co-chair, Vasile Blaga, at private broadcaster Realitatea TV.

Blaga said that there is need for “new people in politics”, and that amendments to the electoral law create the possibility to better the political class. The PNL leader claimed there are many center-right people in Romania, who share liberal views, and to whom he addressed an invitation to join the party and run in the upcoming elections.

He emphasized that PNL encourages fair competition and excludes the possibility of occupying a spot on a list based on prior agreements.

The Liberal co-chair explained that at the moment PNL has no candidates for Bucharest, and that three mayors that enjoy high credibility and are appreciated by their communities, namely Andrei Chiliman, Bucharest District 1 mayor; George Scripcaru, Brasov City mayor; and Constantin Hogea, Tulcea City mayor, must solve their issues with the judiciary.The three mentioned mayors are currently under criminal investigation, conducted by the National Anticorruption Directorate  (DNA).


“Ungureanu appointment as SIE head was a success and was due to teamwork”


National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chairperson Vasile Blaga stated, on Wednesday evening, in a televised program, that the appointment of Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu as head of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) was a success to which several party members who discussed with other political formations and the independents in Parliament have contributed.

Blaga mentioned, at private broadcaster Realitatea TV, that excepting the Social Democrat Party (PSD), the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats Party (ALDE), and the People’s Movement Party (PMP), all other political forces have supported President Klaus Iohannis’ proposal.

The Liberal leader said that although PMP chairman Eugen Tomac stated he will support Ungureanu, the party’s MPs have not joined the vote, with the exception of two MPs who left shortly after joining “after receiving a phone call”.


“If he cares for Romania and his party, Ponta should resign”


Prime Minister Victor Ponta should resign as head of the Government if he cares for Romania and his party, said on Wednesday evening, National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chair Vasile Blaga, during a televised program.

He said that the problems that Victor Ponta has with the judiciary discredit both the country and the Social Democrat Party (PSD), and the Prime Minister’s concern with “hanging on to the chair at the Victoria Palace” shows he is not interested in the fate of Romanians, but solely his own.

“Ponta has no business leading the Romanian Government. (…) Any person in his situation would have resigned, but this means to be a man of politics”, said Vasile Blaga, at private broadcaster Realitatea TV.

The Liberal leader surmised that Ponta has lost authority in his own party and that the PSD is at the moment in “a state of disarray”, fact demonstrated by the public outbursts of some of the leading representatives of the political formation.

Blaga announced that the Liberals will introduce in the fall, after the parliamentary vacation, a new motion of censure against the Ponta Government, being ready to take over governing.


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