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January 31, 2023

PSD’s Firea: Governing working well, Romania must avoid the “new PDL” pitfall

Spokesperson of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) , Senator Gabriela Firea, says that Romania should ”avoid the pitfall” of the political games devised by the “new PDL,” also stating firmly that governing works very well.

“Governing works very well, and all the rest are just political games. (…) Romania shouldn’t get into the pitfall prepared by the ‘new PDL’, namely of causing instability and scandal just to increase their chances to return to power. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for the Romanians, the measures taken lately very clearly show that we are on the right path, and that we should stay on this course,” said Gabriela Firea cited in a release to Agerpres on Friday.

The Social-Democrat Senator said that the measures taken by the Ponta Government in recent weeks show that “political stability is more important than anything else at this moment.”

“The minimum wage increased to 1,050 lei, drugs grew 20 percent cheaper, the VAT rate on food dropped to 9 percent, the new Tax Code proposed by the Government was adopted, which means that the overall VAT rate will be cut to 19 percent as of next year, the provision to increase the wages of non-teaching staff was adopted, and all these in the last weeks alone. (…) We have three-pronged growth: economic growth, growth in investments and jobs, as well as an increase in budget revenues amid the successful action of the National Tax Administration Agency against tax evasion,” explained the PSD spokesperson.


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