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December 7, 2022

PSD plans to challenge vote on SIE chief before Constitutional Court

The Social-Democratic Party (PSD) has not resigned to the loss suffered in Parliament on the occasion of the vote regarding the appointment of Mihai Razvan Ungureanu as Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), so they will challenge the vote before the Constitutional Court, according to Adevarul journalists.

The intention has been partially confirmed by the Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, PSD MP Florin Iordache, who, on the other hand, refused to give details on the contestation to CCR, but noted that Marian Neacsu, the leader of the PSD political group in the lower Chamber, would be in charge.

The Social-Democrats are also upset with the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea. Some are demanding his ‘head’, blaming him for contributing to the election of Ungureanu against the party interests’, the quoted source further notes.

‘Of course there have been talks in the party, isn’t it normal for us to challenge this in Court? (…) I cannot tell you what the arguments are right now. You will know them after we have gathered the signatures’, Iordache told the quoted source.

PSD boycotted the meeting of the SIE Oversight Committee and Mihai Razvan Ungureanu could not be interviewed. The PSD MPs left the hall and, with a few exceptions, did not attend the joint plenary sitting. However, since 289 MPs were present, the quorum was fulfilled and the meeting could take place. The votes in favour – 278 – were enough – half of the total number of MPs plus one.

When the SIE Oversight Committee did not meet in session because the required number of members were not present, PSD wanted to ask for the plenary meeting vote to be postponed, yet Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea chose to ignore the signal of his party and held the meeting. During the plenary meeting the absence of the Committee opinion was reminded of, but Zgonea was again the person who insisted that the procedure should continue as planned, his argument being that ‘the opinion of the Committee has an advisory role’. Zgonea’s resignation as head of the Chamber of Deputies was urged by his colleagues after the Parliament vote.

Zgonea’s reply was: ‘Yes, I know they want to ask for my dismissal. Those who have surrendered the party now ask for this! Next week I will say who has betrayed the party and who wants me to be the scapegoat!’.

The Parliament on Tuesday accepted President Klaus Iohannis’ proposal that Mihai Razvan Ungureanu should become the Director of SIE, a post he had been in before.


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