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February 9, 2023

PNL’s goal in local elections: winning the Bucharest City Hall. Balan: Gorghiu would be the best candidate

The National Liberal Party (PNL) has announced that its main goal in the local elections in 2016 will be to win the Bucharest City Hall. MEP Cristian Busoi is one of the Liberals that have announced his candidacy. A PNL Vice President however has a different proposal: Alina Gorghiu, PNL’s Co-President.

“Winning the office of Bucharest Mayor is the main goal in next year’s local elections,” PNL Vice President Ioan Balan stated on Sunday.

Asked who could be the PNL candidate for the office of Bucharest Mayor, Ioan Balan said there is an internal competition for which several of the party’s political personalities have signed up but that he considers that PNL leader Alina Gorghiu would definitely be elected Bucharest Mayor if she were to run for that office.

“I have seen that several political personalities have announced their intention to take part in the internal competition for the designation of the Liberal candidate, but it seems to me that an extremely important name, that of Alina Gorghiu, is absent,” Balan said.

He explained that he recently took part, alongside PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu, in several PNL meetings in north-eastern counties, meetings that confirmed the qualities of the Liberal leader.

“I was impressed by the strength of her political message, and also by the determination with which she tackles the local elections. I believe she meets all conditions and also has the profile of a Bucharest Mayor,” Balan stated for Mediafax.

He added that the most important thing for a candidate is to convince his colleagues that he is the best option; Alina Gorghiu has done so but in the following period she should inform her colleagues whether she wants to run for the office of Bucharest Mayor.

“The election of Klaus Iohannis as President of Romania has shattered certain moulds considered successful and mandatory. The perception that only men can be Bucharest Mayors is another mould that Alina Gorghiu could invalidate because she would be a good mayor for Bucharesters,” Balan said.

He also added that PNL’s score in opinion polls forces the party to come before voters with the option of winning the Bucharest City Hall, especially since after the President the Bucharest Mayor is the person elected by the highest number of voters.

“PNL has great confidence in Alina Gorghiu and the party’s role will be to transfer to the electorate this confidence that she enjoys within the party,” Ioan Balan added.


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