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January 31, 2023

Predoiu: It is a matter of time until Ponta Government passes away politically

PNL Prime-Vice-President Catalin Predoiu declared on Friday, in Sibiu, that it is “a matter of time until the Ponta Government passes away politically”, adding that Prime Minister Victor Ponta will not resist in his position “more than a few weeks”.

Predoiu declared in a press conference that PNL was prepared to grant an “efficient governing”.

“It is a matter of time until the Ponta Government will pass away politically and will leave to the dark side of national history. It is a matter of time until Romania’s Government will be in line with the symbol the new President Klaus Iohannis represents today for all Romanians, the values he has conceived his campaign on, that brought him the overwhelming vote of Romanians”, the Liberal leader declared.

According to Predoiu, Victor Ponta will not resist in his position as Prime Minister.

“I do not thing that the Prime Minister will continue holding that position for more than a few weeks, I do not see how he could. Any Prime Minister in a situation similar to the one Mr. Ponta is presently in – on one hand, vanished from the lead board of economy at a delicate, critical point, considering the crisis in Greece and internal political convulsions, a Prime Minister that obviously benefits of no further political support, even if his party is still by his side, formally, yet it is no secret for anyone that his colleagues in PSD are openly discussing about  how the next step should be made, about Ponta’s withdrawal from the Government and about their options for the PSD leadership. It is no secret for anyone that, obviously, except for the capital of Turkey, where he is presently hosted out of natural hospitality, after all, as Turks cannot be blame that Mr. Ponta has sought political refuge to Istanbul – I do not think that Mr. Ponta can be received in any other European capital, to fight for Romania”, Predoiu declared.

He added that PNL was prepared to overtake the Government.

“I am an absolute and frantic supporter of the idea that we must prepare for Romania after Victor Ponta. What does Romania after Victor Ponta mean? It obviously means, first of all, another Government, not just formally, but one composed of another majority and another parties, a majority led by PNL, as well as an efficient governing. We are preparing for this governing for a long time, as the vote of November 16, last year, showed very clearly that Romanians wanted a different President and it has happened, it is a fact, it can be seen and felt. They also want a different Government and we are working full time to prepare this Government”, the Prime-Vice-President of PNL declared.

Asked how he imagined the Government he was talking about, PNL on its own or an alliance, Predoiu declared: “Anything is possible and, in this case, “anything” includes “on our own”. Perhaps on our own means by ourselves, perhaps it means being joined by others; we will see. It is premature to talk about it; I have told you that there were colleagues, co-Presidents first of all, negotiating and discussing, elaborating and presenting in the leading committee of the party various versions and there, we will discuss and decide what to do”.



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