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April 11, 2021

Elena Udrea regrets ex-Mayor Radu Mazare: ‘It’s visible that Constanta has no mayor anymore’

Ex-Minister Elena Udrea said in front of the Constanta County Police on Tuesday that the absence of Mayor Radu Mazare was quite visible as Mamaia looked worse than the previous year.

‘Unfortunately, I see that the Mamaia resort doesn’t look as it looked last year. This is coming from me, who have never been a Radu Mazare fan. It’s visible that Constanta has no mayor any more. However, I hope that those who come to the Black Sea will have a good time. I equally see that the works started together with the County Council in my term as a minister are all blocked now, no more work is being done on the road to Navodari, the Ministry of development doesn’t pay any invoiced, it’s all blocked. Unfortunately, the people of Constanta and the holiday-makers have to suffer’, Udrea said.

She said that ex-Mayor Radu Mazare had managed to attract more tourists, something that will probably not happen in the coming years as the resort is left to degrade.

‘I’ll give you an example – even the letter M in Mamaia written on the sign at the entrance into the resort, was down. And down it staid, (…), this shows disinterest in what happens on the Coast. Mamaia will probably keep looking worse, as a holiday resort takes commitment. Of course, Mr. Mazare’s ways were not necessarily my ways, but he demonstrated he could attract more tourists to the Coast. The resort doesn’t look very nice right now and things will probably degrade as times goes by, (…). My fear is that, if things continue in this way, Mamaia will lose its status as a top resort in terms of the number of visitors it receives’, said the former tourism minister.

Elena Udrea said that, during the holiday she was spending in a hotel complex in Navodari, she had met with both ex-Mayor Radu Mazare and the suspended President of Constanta County Council, Nicusor Constantinescu. They had coffee and talked about the projects that had been started but never finished on the Black Sea Coast.

Elena Udrea is on holiday at the seaside. On Tuesday and Friday, according to her probation schedule, Udrea must report to the Constanta Police for the time of her stay there.


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