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Innovative shows at 2015 NETA International Theatre Festival

Tobelia, a co-production of NETA (Bulgaria – Macedonia – Slovenia), the winner of multiple awards, had only one performance on August 3, at TNB. Written by an author from Montenegro – Ljubomir Gjurkovic, one of the most prominent writers of his country, adapted for the stage by a Slovenian, well-known actor and director – Nick Upper, the winner of the award for best performance in Macedonia, at the “Actor of Europe” Festival, the highly successful NETA co-production “Tobelia”, the play about the woman who loved too much, premiered last year in a Bulgarian theatre, will be performed one time in Bucharest, on August 31, at 6 pm, at the Painting Hall of the National Theatre, during the NETA 2015 International Theatre Festival, TNB announces.

An acknowledged artist on the territory of former Yougoslavia, as a pioneer of theatrical postmodernism and of alternative theatre, a virtuoso of searches in performing and directing arts, Nick Upper is a tireless explorer of border territories in his art.

The play is a modern drama of a damned family that will disappear forever  due to the death of the last male presence, developed over an ancient Albanian and Montenegro tradition, named Tobelia, that can still be seen today in families that have no male successors. The performance is dedicated to Bertolt Brecht and to Dimitar Gocev and it imposes the actuality of myth in urban environment, by outstanding artistic achievement.  Memorable acting creations are realised by Joana Popovska (Macedonia), Rositza Ognjanova and Kamelia Lishkovska (Bulgaria) and each of them won, ex aequo, the Prize for Best Performer at NETA International Festival in 2014, in Vratsa, an occasion for Nick Upper to win the Prize for Best Director.


The word “father” – pronounced by six actresses of different nationalities


Besides “Tobelia”, another production dedicated to investigating female universe in the contemporary world will be the one presented by Koreja – Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione of Lecce, Italy, at the beginning of September.

Images, dance, music, personal stories with a powerful impact on the stage will be presented in a modern version on the stage of the National Theatre of Bucharest, at the middle of the festival. Six girls at the crossroads of the present, four languages (Italian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Polish) and one of international circulation (English, under the sign of a word that has so many meanings. In Italian, the world “padre” (father) and “patria” (home country) are based on the same word root.

A sophisticated language operation and one of high theatrical efficiency, a poetic drama of rough writing, transcribed after a row of long interviews, genuine psycho-analysis meetings, directed by a famous artist, Gabriele Vacis. Endowed with the sense of precise construction, a graduate of Architecture, Vacis – the director, dramatist, TV screenplay writer, pedagogue and theatre founder, the winner of many major awards, shows a lively spirit, in a permanent state of seeking.

Six young actresses, selected by him during a workshop for Central and Eastern Europe, organized by Koreja, a construction site – theatre opened for innovation and competition, six performances that won plenty of awards (two international awards: Premio Best Actress Apollom 2012, in Albania and Premio “Adelaide Ristori”, at Mittelfest 2014, Italy, plus numerous praising critical reviews), six outstanding life stories may be enjoyed on the stage of TNB, on Tuesday, September 1,, at Workshop Hall, reunited in the word “father”.



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