President Iohannis to his Moldovan counterpart: ‘I strongly believe that the Republic of Moldova can fulfill its destiny only inside the European Union’

President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that Romania is the staunchest supporter of the Republic of Moldova’s EU integration process.

“I strongly believe that the Republic of Moldova can fulfill its destiny only inside the European Union. We will stay at the side of the Moldovan citizens no matter what efforts this would require on our part and no matter how long this will take. I am also convinced that the people on both sides of the Prut River will one day find to each other not only in the [European] Union, but also in communion,” Iohannis said at the ceremony where his Moldovan counterpart Nicolae Timofti was awarded the honorary doctor’s degree of the ‘Stefan cel Mare’ University of Suceava.

“The award of the honorary degree to Mr. President Nicolae Timofti acknowledges and enhances his professional and political merits. Mr. Timofti’s career is impressive. The Republic of Moldova’s current judicial system bears the imprint of the distinguished leader, through the promotion of the reform of law. The skills and fairness he has always shown, the power of the personal example and his sentiment of duty have played an essential role in his affirmation on the public scene, and his success in winning the confidence of his fellow citizens is a confirmation of his virtuosity. Mr. Timofti’s determination and courage in leading the country on the path of European integration is definitely a model for other countries in the region. He engaged with all his might for fully capitalizing on Moldova’s status of Eastern Partnership member and for the accomplishment of his country’s European destiny. The efforts of the distinguished leader towards building a free, democratic and strengthened state definitely represent a choice both Romania and the European Union firmly support,” said Iohannis.

He remarked the long-standing student exchanges the two countries have been practicing, and the extremely close cooperation at pre-university, university and scientific level that connects the two neighboring states, adding that Romania allocates every year 5,000 scholarships for Moldovan students. Moreover, the kindergarten renovation and equipping programme financed by Romania benefits more than half of the pre-schoolers of the Republic of Moldova.

According to the Presidential Administration, president Nicolae Timofti was conferred the Doctor Honoris Causa degree for special merits in promoting Moldova’s European accession process, for strengthening relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, as well as for the special attention he paid to education and training of the younger generation, as the Rector of the Suceava-based academic institution, University Professor of Engineering PhD Valentin Popa, mentioned in his speech.

The Senate of the Suceava University took the decision to confer the academic title to the Moldovan head of state in 2013, at the initiative of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Public Administration. However, the ceremony was delayed until now by objective reasons, according to Agerpres.


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