Code Red warning for scorching heat in western Romania, temperature to reach 39 degrees

Meteorologists issued on Wednesday a Code Red warning for scorching heat, valid all through the day, in the Counties of Arad and Bihor, while in the rest of the country the Code Yellow and Code Orange warnings for thermal discomfort remain in force.

According to the National Weather Administration (ANM) in the Counties of Arad and Bihor there will be maximum temperatures of 38-39 degrees Celsius, nearing the absolute temperature highs of the region.

On the other hand, on Wednesday, the heat will persist and accentuate in the northern, central, southern and south-eastern areas, where a Code Yellow advisory is in force. In these areas, the maximum temperatures will frequently reach 35-38 degrees and the temperature-humidity index will go beyond the critical threshold of 80 units.

Moreover, the Code Orange for scorching heat is still valid in the western, north-western and north-eastern regions. Thus, on Wednesday afternoon, in Banat, Crisana, Maramures, the west and north of Transylvania, as well as in most parts of Moldavia, the maximum temperatures will stand at 37-39 degrees and the thermal discomfort will be highly accentuated.

The heat wave will also persist on Thursday, July 9, in the southern and south-eastern regions and the atmospheric instability will gradually accentuate beginning with the west of Romania, Agerpres informs.


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