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September 25, 2021

Ambassador Francois Saint-Paul: France National Day to be celebrated in Bucharest by caring for environment

France will celebrate its National Day in Bucharest by a reception where the menu, dishes and all the other elements relating the organisation will be conceived in such a manner as to affect the environment as little as possible and curb the global warming phenomenon.

According to the French Embassy, used at the event will be decorations and materials that will be recycled. “We have sent no invitation on paper, no sheet of paper has been sent, everything has been done through the Internet”, French ambassador Francois Saint-Paul told a news conference on Thursday.

The menu will be especially designed to avoid food waste and local products will be largely served.

Saint-Paul announced the conference will be organised under the banner of Paris Climate 2015 Conference that France will host in December.

“At stake is the climate warming and we see now a demonstration of such warming. There are regions in Romania having been issued a Code Red today. (…) If we fail to do something, global warming will mean 5 more degrees. Our goal is to limit global warming to 2 degrees by the end of this century by a range of legal arrangements that should be constraining and should commit an entire process to curb this warming tendency. There is an emergency in this respect”, the French diplomat said, according to Agerpres.

He stressed such preoccupation for global warming should not be seen as a fad of the wealthy countries and warned that in the event of natural disasters generated by this phenomenon, most hit will be the poor states.

The French official explained that the fight against global warming does not mean difficulties only, but also means opportunities and solutions to other problems.

According to him, the measures taken in this respect can translate into new jobs, an impetus for research and opportunities for progress in many fields, “everything at the service of more sustainable and greener growth”.


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