Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni in Bucharest: Italy had been “staking” on the economic future of Romania for a long time

Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Thursday Italy had been “staking” on the economic future of Romania for a long time and stressed that over 100 Italian companies come to Romania every month.

The Italian foreign minister, who is visiting Romania on an invitation by his Romanian counterpart Bogdan Aurescu, underscored the excellent relations existing between Italy and Romania.


Over 100 Italian companies coming to Romania every month


“We have excellent political relations as confirmed by the many state visits having taken place in Romania and in Italy in the last year and there is, under these excellent political relations also an enhancement of the extraordinary economic and commercial relations. Italy has not discovered Romania for a few months or a few years, but it has been staking on the economic future of this country for a very long time. The interesting thing is that this stake is being constantly renewed. We have important results, 12 billion euros in exchanges with Romania and are constantly feeding this tissue of the relations. There are every month more than 100 Italian companies that come to Romania and tens of thousands are registered”, Gentiloni said after the meeting with Aurescu.

According to him, stability and growth are two characteristics of Romania.

“The main idea is that confidence in the stability and the economic growth is what characterises Romania and it is a confidence that is renewed among the Italian businessmen and one that leads not only to enhanced inter-exchanges, but also to our enhanced presence in this country, knowing there are very old reasons and very old ties of civilisation and history, of language that are constantly renewed”, the Italian foreign minister said.

He underscored the relations of the integration of the Romanian community are very good in all terms and added there is a developing tendency of the small- and medium-sized firms belonging to Romanian businessmen in Italy.

As regards the emigration issues, Gentiloni said walls should not be raised, but there must be common responsibility. He added Italy and Romania are in favour of a progressive association route of the Western Balkans to Europe.

The minister voiced hope that a solution would be found with respect to Greece in a few days.

“We Italians are not only interested, but also involved by facts to contribute as much as we can to a goal that I see necessary for Europe, namely to reach a convincing solution to the crisis in Greece in a few days. In order to reach a solution, there is need of a positive and constructive contribution by the Greek Government, but we, the Europeans, the Euro Zone must clearly understand that our objective is a political one for Europe to reach an understanding and a solution”, Gentiloni pointed out


Romania’s Foreign Minister Aurescu promises participation in migration management effort


Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu says Romania is open to participating in the joint effort of European Union states to manage the migration.

“I have stressed Romania’s full, balanced support, based on solidarity and shared responsibility on EU level, considering also the economic and social reality in the member countries. I have pointed out that, according to the commitments on European level, Romania is open to the participation, based on its own efforts and capabilities, to the joint effort of management of the migration situation,” Aurescu declared after the meeting with his Italian counterpart.

He underscored the excellent relation of consolidated strategic partnership between Romania and Italy.

“For Romania – and I’m convinced for Italy, too – keeping the high pace of this dialogue is a priority, as it can further boost the bilateral relations,” the Romanian minister said. He pointed out that he has agreed with his Italian counterpart to enhance the frequency of the dialogue between the ministries and to prepare the third joint sitting of the two Governments.

The top Romanian diplomat also mentioned that Italy is Romania’s second commercial partner, with bilateral trade growing to 12.57 billion euros in 2014 and encouraging perspectives for this year, given the level of 3.31 billion euros of exchanges by March 2015. He also noted the special interest of Italian companies to invest in Romania, where 40,500 Italian companies operate at present.

According to Aurescu, the talks also referred to the importance of the Romanian and Italian communities in Italy and Romania, respectively; they represent a bond between the two states, he pointed out. The Romanian community in Italy is the largest of all countries, and the second foreign community in the Peninsula, he observed.

Aurescu said the talks also tackled Italy’s support for Romania’s joining of the Schengen Area, the European perspective on Western Balkans, and the situation in the Republic of Moldova and in Ukraine.

The two foreign ministers signed a bilateral agreement on the legal regime of war graves.


Iohannis,  Gentiloni underscore the special dynamics of the economic exchanges


President Klaus Iohannis welcomed Italian Republic Foreign Affairs Minister Paolo Gentiloni, at the Cotroceni Palce on Thursday.

According to a Presidential Administration release sent to Agerpres, during the discussions the two officials highlighted the excellent level of bilateral relations, confirmed by the great number of high-level contacts, their diversity and amplitude.

In the meeting, the two officials also underscored the special dynamics of the economic exchanges and cooperation, Italy being the second trade partner of Romania and one of the first investors in the Romanian economy. Moreover, the speakers stressed the important role the Romanian community in Italy and the Italian community in Romania have in intensifying the bilateral relation.

The two high dignitaries also approached topical matters on the European and international agenda: migration, the situation in Greece and the eastern neighbourhood – with a focus on the situation in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.



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