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October 4, 2022

Protest at public television

Over 100 TVR employees protested in front of the institution on Wednesday, unhappy that the new collective bargaining agreement proposed by the management included pay cuts. The public television labour union said the Territorial Labour Inspectorate had been already notified about the collective labour conflict, a formality required before going on strike. In the meantime, the Board of Directors was postponed again because the minimum number of members were not present, a situation that has already become typical for TVR.

The collective bargaining agreement of the TVR workers expired on 1 July and no agreement has been reached on extending it so far, according to ‘Jurnalul National’. The trade union says that the new agreement version proposed comes with pay cuts from 5 to 10%, but the salaries of the management are not changed. Apart from starting the collective labour conflict, a required step before a strike, the TVR employees say the protests in the yard of the institution will continue.

According to the president of the TVR labour union, Dragos Bocanaciu, a major dissatisfaction of the employees is the cut of certain bonuses such as those for working on a Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. The new collective bargaining agreement no longer includes any severance packages for individual or collective lay-offs, which would suggest a massive restructuring under way.

The Romanian Television Company is in a disastrous financial situation, according to Mediafax. In 2014, the institution reported a loss of 81.5 million lei, total revenue of 544.2 million lei and total expenditure of 625.8 million lei, according to the figures offered by the representatives of the institution. TVR officials also say that, at the end of 2014, the institution had a total debt of 700 million lei, of which 440 million towards the state budget. In the meantime, a positive or negative opinion on the TVR activity report, on which the keeping of current Director Stelian Tanase depended, keeps being postponed. The PSD members of the committees that perform the assessment of performance accuse their PNL and UDMR colleagues of boycotting the meetings.


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