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February 9, 2023

Theodor Stolojan criticises the pay rise for officials: ‘Low down trick’

MEP Theodor Stolojan criticises the pay rise for officials, calling it ‘a low down trick’ which shows that, in Romania, politics are still being ‘randomly’ done.

‘Personally, I find this to be a low down trick  – a prime-minister on his last day – since Premier Ponta is taking over today – passes such an emergency ordinance! This only confirms that, unfortunately, we are back to the phase of random politics, the law of the jungle. I am beginning to worry about the restoration of some privileges’, Stolojan told RFI.

‘The prime-minister could have been patient – today he is no longer an acting prime-minister – he could have waited for the draft revising the whole of the pay system for the public sector, as announced by the labour minister’, Stolojan said.

In his opinion, ‘the argument about corruption being caused by low pay is again an unbelievable hypocrisy’.

‘We have clearly seen – we have corruption cases in the judiciary, where salaries are a lot above the average in the public sector. So we are in the phase of random politics. It started with the special pensions, called special indemnity for the members of Parliament, then it was the pensions for the military, now I understand there is a bill in Parliament to introduce special pensions also for mayors and county council presidents. We are in the phase of random politics’, Stolojan added.

The remuneration of the president, prime-minister and speakers of the Chambers of Parliament will be raised to RON 21,540 gross (RON 15,108 net). The same pay will go to the head of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ). The deputy prime-minister will receive RON 20,000 gross (RON 14,024 net), official sources say.

The ministers and other categories of officials, including the heads of secret services, will have a monthly wage of RON 19,055 gross (RON 13,365 net). This latter category also includes the president’s advisers who have the rank of minister.

The pay rise will become effective in August this year.

The president of the country currently cashes a monthly cheque of approximately RON 6,500 – net, the speakers of the Chambers of Parliament and the prime-minister – RON 6,184 net, the deputy premier – approximately RON 5,800 net and a minister – RON 5,350 net.

Acting PM Gabriel Oprea had previously informed that the monthly pay of the president, prime-minister, Parliament speakers, heads of intelligence services would be increased in August, under an ordinance adopted by the Government and that the highest salaries will be paid to the president of the country, ICCJ president, prime-minister and Parliament speakers.


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