Social Democrat Dragnea: PSD must build new political project

The Social Democrat Party’s (PSD) political coordinator Liviu Dragnea said in Ramnicu Valcea on Thursday that a new political project must emerge within the party, that should include a new approach to the PSD doctrine and the major development projects of Romania.

“A new political project must emerge in the PSD, the PSD must build a new political project that should chiefly include a new approach of the PSD to the doctrine, to the major issues of Romania, the major development projects, the future of the country. 46 percent of Romanians believe the PSD is the best party, (…) they know the PSD is the best structured and most serious party and has a huge responsibility for this country, no matter what the position it holds at a given moment, i.e. in power or in opposition”, Dragnea said.

When asked if such new political project means a different leader than Victor Ponta, Dragnea answered that the new project could be looked at “beyond a certain person”. “I do not know if Victor Ponta’s image has been eroded, but I must say Victor Ponta is the premier having succeeded to stabilise the economic situation of Romania and stabilise constant economic growth. Romanians live in a country which seems to be having the highest growth in Europe. (…) A political project is a wide-ranging project that can be beyond a person. It is about a serious approach of a serious party”, he underscored.

The Social Democrats’ political coordinator said he did not believe any legal measures would be taken against Prime Minister Ponta and did not believe there would be a party congress until 2016.


In October, the PSD candidates for local elections in 2016 should be established


PSD leader Liviu Dragnea declared on Wednesday in Sibiu that, in September, all discussions at each county organization concerning the party candidates for the local elections in 2016 should be closed, and in October, they should be established.

Liviu Dragnea declared on Wednesday, in a press conference in Sibiu, that the party is in the middle of a process of inside elections, and that his colleagues all over the country agreed to hold all county conferences until the end of July, so that the selection of candidates would be final by September at local branches of  county organizations as well.


“My colleagues want to finalise county conferences by the end of July. Most members of the party have agreed on the conclusion that September must find PSD with its elections finalised, so that September would be the month when, regardless of what goes on the political scene, PSD would no longer be in a process of internal elections that might generate a few tensions as well”, Liviu Dragnea declared.

He added that it was important “to end internal elections so that the members of the party could sit down at a table in a relaxed manner and think on the candidates they will support for each locality”.

“I think that September is the month when all discussions in every organization regarding future candidates must be ended and October should be the month when all candidates for local elections in 2016 are firmly established, otherwise, there might be a risk that these discussions would be prolonged until the winter holidays and that the party would enter local elections unprepared. A serious party is well organized”, Liviu Dragnea further added.

He also discussed the necessity of a “new political project for PSD”.

“Moreover, in the party, in its entirety”, there might be a need to build a new political project: a new doctrine approach, a new approach of the big country projects, a strategic approach to leadership. PSD should take into account the evolution of society as well. Not only PSD should do that, but all parties. If you do not want to be left behind, you must come to terms with reality, and I think that a new political project for PSD, one they would present to people in a reasonable deadline, might be very important”, Liviu Dragnea added.




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