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President Iohannis on a two-day official visit to Spain

President Klaus Iohannis will attend a two-day official visit in Spain starting on  Monday, including meetings with King Felipe VI, Prime Minister  Mariano Rajoy and the representatives of the Romanian community.


Special stopover in Sibiu


The aircraft scheduled to take President Klaus Iohannis to Madrid, for an official visit, replaced its stopover in Brussels with one in Sibiu, not because the city is hosting some important summit but because the presidential family was not in Bucharest but at its residence in Sibiu instead. The aircraft left Bucharest and landed in Sibiu in order to pick up its passengers.

The Head of State is scheduled to meet King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and the representatives of Romanian communities. At first the President was scheduled to take part in the European Union’s extraordinary summit in Brussels, where a decision on the austerity plan proposed by Alexis Tsipras was set to be taken, however that summit was cancelled.

President Iohannis will be welcomed by King Felip VI on Monday, at the Zarzuela Palace, the Spanish sovereign’s official residence. Subsequently, the Head of State will meet Premier Mariano Rajoy at the Moncloa Palace. The two will have face-to-face and official talks and will take part in a joint press statement.

Also on Monday, President Iohannis and his wife will take part in the official brunch offered by King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. The event will be attended by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, the Speakers of the Lower Chamber and Senate, the Presidents of the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court, personalities from political, economic, academia and cultural circles, representatives of the Romanian community in Spain.

“The visit represents a landmark in the bilateral dialogue at the highest level, being at the same time the first official contact at head of state level between President Klaus Iohannis and Spanish King Felipe VI, who was proclaimed king on 19 June 2014,” the Presidential Administration points out in a press release.

On Monday the Head of State will also meet the Romanian community in Spain, and on Tuesday he will meet Senate Speaker Pio Garcia-Escudero.

The delegation also includes Presidential advisors Dan Mihalache, Andrei Muraru, Cosmin Marinescu, Leonard Orban, and Foreign Ministry Secretary of State George Ciamba.

This is the Head of State’s 11th official visit since the start of his term in office, stiripesurse informs.


The two-day visit by President Klaus Iohannis is also announced in Spanish press.

Spanish daily paper La Vanguardia, quoted by Mediafax, writes that the Madrid Government announced that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy would have a meeting with Romanian President  Klaus Iohannis, at Palace Moncloa and after, they will have a common press conference.

“Klaus Iohannis, a German ethnic who had started his Presidential term in Romania in December 2014, had suggested the creation of a new image of his country”, the Spanish publication mentions, quoting the Head of the State. “I want to be able to say that Romania surprised the world by its changes in five years”.

Klaus Iohahnis will meet representatives of the Romanians living in Spain, that hosts one of the largest Romanian communities in the world. At the second round of elections in November 2014, 82,744 Romanians had voted in Spain. Of these, 74,995 (90.63 per cent) had voted for Iohannis and 7,749 (9.36 per cent) had voted for Ponta.


FADERE points out to Iohannis issues experienced by Romanians living in Spain regarding residence and citizenship


The Federation of Romanian Associations in Europe (FADERE) demanded President Klaus Iohannis to support seeking solutions to the challenges faced by Romanians in Spain, such as the conditions for gaining the right of residence and the impossibility of the double citizenship.

FADERE writes Iohannis, on the occasion of the visit to be made by the President on Monday in the Spanish Kingdom.

The Organization demanded the Head of the State to support finding solutions to the issues faced by the Romanian community in Spain.

Some of these include the fact that the Spanish state demands the existence of an account of EUR 3,900, owned by the applicant to the right of residence, so that the person could prove he was able to support himself. Also, the residence documents also demand the applicant to have private health insurance for at least one year.

FADERE also points out that, at the time being, about 900,000 Romanians are legally living in Spain, and many of them wish to gain Spanish citizenship, yet, they do not agree to lose Romanian citizenship. Romania does not have a bilateral agreement regarding double citizenship with Spain.

“We would like Romania to sign a bilateral agreement concerning double citizenship with Spain, so that Romanians who want to become Spanish citizens as well would not be forced to lose Romanian citizenship”, the press release by FADERE shows.



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