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January 23, 2022

Symbolic reenactment of the “Bridge of Flowers”: 1,000 young people from the Republic of Moldova cross the Prut River, march for the unification with Romania

Approximately 1,000 young people from the Republic of Moldova crossed the Prut River on Saturday. By using the railway bridge in Ungheni they symbolically reenacted the “Bridge of Flowers” event. They were welcomed with flowers and ring bread by Romanians from several Romanian counties, the Mediafax correspondent informed.

The participants to the march – approximately one thousand – reached the Ungheni border crossing point on Saturday, after they set out from Chisinau on July 5, on a march to Bucharest meant to reenact “Stephen the Great’s March.”

Several NGOs that support the Union of Romania and the Republic of Moldova gave free transport to the Romanians who wanted to take part in the symbolic reenactment of the “Bridge of Flowers.”

Thus, thousands of people from several Romanian counties such as Botosani, Vaslui, Iasi, but also Alba and Harghita, welcomed the young Moldovans with flowers and ringed bread.

People chanted slogans in favor of the union of Romania and the Republic of Moldova and of tearing down “the border on the Prut,” the events continuing until the afternoon with a series of artistic events organized on an improvised stage.

On Sunday morning, the participants to the march left for Bucharest where they want to join unionist Romanians in asking the Romanian President, at the Presidential Palace, to boost the efforts to achieve national reunification.

The first meeting in Bucharest was scheduled at 2 p.m., in University Square, but the organizers of the march asked Romanians to greet the Moldovans in all train stations along the route toward Bucharest. The train left from Iasi on Sunday at 6 a.m.

“These youngsters bear in their souls the flame of the desire for Union and they need the Romanians’ support to take the flame to Cotroceni,” George Simion, President of Action 2012, one of the NGOs that organized the event, stated.


Moving moments in Bucharest during the march for unification of Romania with R. of Moldova


About 500 inhabitants of Bucharest on Sunday welcomed in the University Square the 1,000 young people who came from Moldova to participate in the march for the unification of Moldova with Romania. They were welcomed with bread, salt and flowers. at their  arrival at the National Theatre. The Bucharest residents, who gathered in University Square to greet the young people who have left from Chisinau to demand the unification of Moldova with Romania , came dressed in national costumes, or have worn as accessory, the Romanian flag. They brought flags, Orthodox icons and banners emblazoned with “We want the Unification”.

At the arrival of the young people from Bessarabia in University Square, the Bucharest residents applauded and chanted “Unification”, “Romania”, “Chisinau and Bucharest, two Romanian hearts”, “Welcome home”, “Long live, long live, long live / Moldova, Transylvania and Muntenia”.

The young Bessarabian people were greeted with bread, salt, water and flowers and were embraced by Bucharest  residents who waited at the university. Demonstrators came with flowers and  made a bridge beneath which the young Bessarabian have passed going to the National Theatre. After they sang the anthem”Awake, Romanian,” some of the demonstrators were caught in Hora Unirii, blocking the road in front of the National Theatre.


Unionist Platform Action 2012 demands establishing of institutions responsible for managing relationship with Moldova


The Unionist Platform Action 2012 is demanding that the Presidency, Parliament and the Romanian Government set up some institutions responsible for managing the relationship with the Republic of Moldova, ”in order to speed up the reunification process.”

According to a release issued on Sunday to Agerpres by the Unionist Platform Action 2012, it is about establishing a presidential commission to analyze the impact of the Union, a Romania – Republic of Moldova Joint Standing Parliamentary Committee and the Office for Republic of Moldova directly subordinated to the Prime Minister.

The cited source reminds that both President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Sunday morning hailed a the young Modovans having walked to Bucharest from Chisinau to demand the Union and voiced their confidence in the common destiny of the two Romanian states.

”Every national project needs strategies. Beyond any diplomatic welcome, we expect the fundamental state institutions to take concrete steps towards achieving the country’s project of the union between Romania and Moldova,” said, in this context, George Simion, President of the Unionist Platform Action 2012.

According to the release, ”thousands of Bucharesters welcomed, in University Square, the young Moldovans who had walked, in Stephen the Great’s March, hundreds of kilometers for the Union, through heat and storms.”

”Together, we have marched to Cotroceni Palace, where the youths from the left bank of River Prut were received, as they demanded in a heart-felt appeal addressed to President Klaus Iohannis, ” the release reads.


Iohannis: I am very impressed by the trip youngsters are making from Chisinau to Bucharest


Klaus Iohannis mentioned the fact that he is very impressed by the trip that young people are making from Chisinau to Bucharest, expressing his conviction that the people on the two banks of the Prut River will one day meet in Union and communion. The President regrets he is not in the country in order to receive them at the Presidential Palace.

“I am very impressed by the trip young people are making from Chisinau to Bucharest. Unfortunately I will not be in the country and I cannot greet them at the Cotroceni Palace, but you can be sure that that would have been a real pleasure for me,” President Klaus Iohannis wrote on Facebook on Sunday, referring to the approximately 1,000 youngsters that set off from Chisinau to Bucharest on July 5, after the Great National Assembly rally, in an attempt to reenact “Stephen the Great’s March.”

“Through their bold gesture, they have proven, with all the strength of a generation that feels profoundly European, that our path has a common destination. We will prove to everyone that, no matter how many efforts we will have to make, how long it will take, we will fulfill our dream of being together in Europe. I am sure people on the two banks of the Prut River will one day meet not only in Union but also in communion. I thank you for your effort!” the Head of State added.


Ponta: A personal salute of admiration


Premier Victor Ponta saluted the unionist Moldovan and Romanian youngsters’ march. Ponta considers that sincere and courageous youngsters have more power to achieve the common destiny of Romanians living on both banks of the Prut River.

“I believe that Romanians on both banks of the Prut River have a common destiny (that only the unjustness of history interrupted several times)! And I believe young and sincere people have more courage and more strength to achieve this common destiny than politicians do! A personal salute of admiration for these youngsters and their gesture today!” Victor Ponta wrote on his Facebook page.



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