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October 25, 2021

Basescu, surprising declaration on Ponta’s file: The prosecutor is instructed to crush the Government

Former President Traian Basescu commented on the file initiated by the National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) against Prime Minister Victor Ponta and harshly attacked the magistrate working on the case. In a telephone intervention for B1 TV, the former President declared that “the new entry to DNA”, Prosecutor Jean Uncheselu received instructions to crush the Government.

Basescu declared that the Prosecutor he referred to was a “new entry to DNA” and that he probably received instructions on how to crush the Government. The ex-President stated that a magistrate can overturn a Government any time by the accusations he brings, even if he does not have the quality of a judge.

“We have a weak set of laws, that allows any prosecutor, even a student in training, to put the Government in the position to be dismissed, which has nothing to do with the Constitutional state. That prosecutor is probably a new entry to DNA, instructed on how to crush the Government. If we have ended up in a country where prosecutors destroy Governments, we may put a lock on democracy forever”, Basescu declared for Striblea’s TV show.

“Tomorrow, any Government may be overturned by a mere presumption of guilt from behalf of a prosecutor, even if the latter has no guarantee from a judge that his accusations are accurate”, Traian Basescu continued.

“Those who think that state institutions can replace the force of the opposition or of the power are terribly wrong. I foresee that people who believe in such things will end up themselves behind bars, sooner or later. You cannot change the power in a state by other means than those of democracy”, the former President continued.

Traian Basescu declared that in the ten years of his Presidential term, it never crossed his mind to use institutions in order to solve disagreements with the Heads of the Governments. “Of my ten years, I spent three of them with a hostile Prime Minister named Calin Popescu Tariceanu, and three with a hostile Prime Minister named Victor Ponta. Never in my time with Tariceanu and Ponta did it ever occur to me to use any other means than political ones in my debates with Prime Ministers.”

The ex-leader of Cotroceni also thinks that the demand by DNA to cease Ponta’s immunity due to conflict of interests is “minor”: “the public action by which they demand to cease immunity for conflict of interests seems minor, irrelevant, as long as you have a current President that has been in a gross conflict of interests and justice overlooked it.

“Appointed people cannot reestablish the balance of political power”, he further insisted.

“There is no prosecutor or judge who could say: ‘Basescu asked me to destroy Tariceanu or Ponta’”, Traian Basescu also mentioned for B1 TV.


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