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May 17, 2021

Google has first certified NGO partner in Romania

The “Digital Europe” Association has become Google’s first certified NGO partner in our country, having 5 Google Certified specialists in its team, coordinated by President Remus Lucut (photo) , also a Google Certified specialist.

A little over 50 per cent of Romanian NGOs choose to advertise themselves online, and 81.58 per cent of them have never applied for financing for NGOs, most of them explaining that through the lack of resources and knowledge about ways to file applications. Most people distrust NGOs and do not help them because the NGOs fail to communicate effectively with their target groups and communities, the “How present are NGOs among Romanians?” survey shows. The survey was conducted by iVOX.ro on March 1-31, on a sample of 7,713 respondents.

The “Digital Europe” Association continues the “Web-NGO” national project it started in January in Romania, a project through which it plans to develop the NGOs’ advertisement capabilities and implicitly to raise Romanians’ confidence in NGOs.

The project entails the construction of websites for the almost 30 per cent of NGOs that do not have presentation websites despite the fact that having them is mandatory when applying for any kind of financing. At the same time, by joining the “Web-NGO” project NGOs are offered access to various international grants, including Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits grant which offers NGOs monthly sponsorship of USD 10,000, which they can use for online advertisement through the Google search engine.

In the first quarter of this year the “Web-NGO” concept enjoyed notable success in Romania, and the “Digital Europe” Association became the first Google Certified NGO partner in our country, having 5 Google Certified specialists in its team, coordinated by President Remus Lucut, also a Google Certified specialist.

“We are very happy that the “Web-NGO” project has been successful in Romania, proof being the fact that we have obtained the Google Partner certificate and we have managed to integrate IT&C systems in the activity of Romanian NGOs, to raise the absorption rate of national and international funds offered for the development of non-profit organizations and, more importantly, to raise the population’s level of confidence in NGOs. Our road does not stop here, we still have a lot of work to do, but we are firmly convinced that civil society, represented by NGOs, will become a key factor in the equation of democracy in our country. Through our work, we want to ease interaction and communication between non-profit organizations, the community, the Government etc. and to stimulate cooperation between NGOs,” “Digital Europe” Association President Remus Lucut stated.

“Digital Europe” is an NGO that offers, in collaboration with specialists from the Cluj-based MindMagnet software agency, free websites for NGOs and schools. This is made possible with the help of volunteers who, at the end of brief training, create full and free websites.


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