Traian Basescu: Ponta, please, betray me!

Former President Traian Basescu launched a new attack against PM Victor Ponta. Basescu reminded Victor Ponta that he, Basescu, had selected Ponta for the position of Prime Minister, not the nation, and therefore, he demands him “to betray him, not the interests of the country”.

“Ponta, please, betray me!!!

I am still faithful to the idea that the accusation of conflict of interests but the attendance to forgery and money laundering, in relation with Dan Sova, in the Rovinari – Turceni deal seems to be thoroughly investigated by prosecutors and a judge is the only one to issue a definitive decision, regardless of the amount of efforts made in the media to clean Ponta in anticipation of the thick layer of lies.

The national liar is trying to persuade us that, if he resigned, he would betray the electorate.

Poor mythomaniac ended up believing and now he wants to persuade the whole world that he was elected by the nation.

No, my dear, you were not elected by any nation; I appointed you for the position of Prime Minister, based on the Constitutional principle that an alliance which won the elections by 68 per cent may propose the Prime Minister.

Now, the USL alliance that has won the elections no longer exists, so you are coming from nowhere to Palace Victoria. Do not dare to keep talking about legitimacy when both the alliance and the political agreement that propelled you have disappeared.

Meanwhile, you have become Europe’s sole prosecuted Prime Minister.

In conclusion, no, the nation did not make you Prime Minister, I chose you for this position, and the Parliament approved my proposal.

This is why I beg of you, please, BETRAY ME, who chose you, by quitting, and do not betray the interests of your country by keeping your position”, Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook.


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