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January 28, 2021

President rejects Ponta’s proposal for Transport Minister. PSD has a new proposal

Ministerul-TransporturilorPresident Klaus Iohannis has rejected the proposal of the premier for the appointment of Mihai Viorel Fifor as Minister of Transport, for the reason that he has no managerial experience required for the management of the complex transport sector, the Presidential Administration announced on Wednesday.

The president asked for the nomination of a new minister in a letter addressed to PM Victor Ponta.

‘The president of Romania has asked the prime-minister to nominate another person who meets the necessary conditions to be appointed as a member of the Government’, says the source.

According to the Presidential Administration, President Klaus Iohannis signed, on Wednesday, the Decree taking note of Ioan Rus’ resignation as Minister of Transport and ascertaining the end of the office as a member of the Government.

The Ministry of Transport is now without a minister.

The president may only reject one proposal made for a position of minister.


Victor Ponta: ‘He will have to accept any new proposal I make’


Prime-Minister Victor Ponta said, Wednesday after-noon, when he arrived to the PSD headquarters for the meeting of the National Standing Bureau, that the rejection of his proposal by President Klaus Iohannis was ‘an ambition’.

‘I have got used to this from Traian Basescu. He, too, was rejecting people just out of ambition. Yesterday, he said we would have an institutional cooperation’, said the premier.

‘He will have to accept any new proposal I make’, Ponta added. He stressed that the Transport portfolio is with PSD and ‘tomorrow (Thursday – editor’s note) CEx will determine who the new proposal will be’.

‘I didn’t believe we were going back to Traian Basescu’s time’, said the prime minister. Then he added that Mihai Fifor was more honest than other PNL ministers. ‘Think about PNL – they had Ludovic Orban. Let’s be serious. I think Fifor is more honest’, said the PM.

He said he had learnt from the press about the rejection of Mihai Fifor and that PSD, not the self-suspended president of the party, would be making a new proposal.

Iulian Matache is his new proposal for the office of minister, according to stiripesurse.ro, Iulian Matache is currently a Secretary of State at the same ministry.

Ioan Rus had resigned on 11 June, the day after saying offensive things about Romanians who work abroad, their wives and children.


‘I, too, would have rejected him’


Ex-President Traian Basescu said, on Wednesday, that he would have also rejected the nomination of Mihai Fifor as Minister of Transport. ‘He was a sociologist as far as I am aware and this profession doesn’t quite match the Ministry of Transport. I, too, would have rejected him’, Basescu said at the PMP headquarters.


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