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April 16, 2021

Rovana Plumb officially interim president of PSD

rovaana-plumbRovana Plumb is officially interim president of PSD. The decision was made by the Standing Bureau of the party on Wednesday. Plumb will be interim president until the next Congress.

The Social-Democrats on Wednesday held a meeting of the Standing Bureau where the party leaders debated on the differences emerging after Victor Ponta had resigned as President of the party.

Prior to the meeting, Ponta had stressed he was no longer president and that he had also emptied his office.

‘I am no longer president, I am not going to take back my chair, I have actually emptied my office’, Ponta said.

PSD Honorary President Ion Iliescu, as well the leader of UNPR, Deputy Prime-Minister Gabriel Oprea, also participated in the meeting, sitting next to each other.

Asked by the press why he was attending PSD meetings, Oprea answered: ‘Well, I have to, don’t I?’ and did not add anything.

Valeriu Zgonea, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, also participated. Asked if he could take over the leadership of the party, Zgonea said: ‘I am on my honeymoon. In my honeymoon I am only talking about my wife.’


Marian Oprisan: ‘PSD needs peace’


Marian Oprisan said there was a lot of agitation in the party and that the Social-Democratic Party needed peace. Moreover, he said he would support Rovana Plumb as head of PSD.

‘I say we are getting too worked up. I have seen a lot of this lately. I believe the Social-Democratic Party needs peace, needs to fulfil the promises it made to the citizens of Romania, through the ruling coalition. Today we will discuss the interim party leadership, the objectives of the governance this summer until September, at the beginning of the parliamentary season’, Oprisan said on Wednesday, before the meeting of the PSD National Standing Bureau.

Asked by the journalists about Rovana Plumb’s continuing as acting PSD president, Oprisan answered: ‘I think Rovana Plumb is a solution until the PSD Congress’.


Ilie Sarbu: ‘Dragnea has no capacity in the party to entitle him to ask for a Congress’


The leader of the PSD political group in the Senate, Ilie Sarbu, said on Wednesday that Liviu Dragnea had no capacity in the party to entitle him to ask for a Congress or not to approve of Rovana Plumb’s interim presidency of the party.

‘Dragnea has no capacity in the party to entitle him to ask for a Congress or not to approve of Rovana Plumb’s interim presidency of the party. Mr. Dragnea is not cited in the Statute, there is no section, nothing clear, he has no position. I we consider the Statute, then I am also important because I was the father-in-law of the president’, Ilie Sarbu said before the BPN meeting of PSD. In the context, he stressed that holding an Executive Committee made no sense.

‘The CEx makes no sense. BPN has decided. What should CEx still do? There will always be opinions, but the decision is with BPN. There are some who say Rovana is not right. There are opinions. Apart from the opinion with Mr. Dragnea, I have not heard any other ones. The Congress is set by the National Council’, Sarbu said.

‘People are going on holiday, they have booked tickets a long time go, can you imagine a successful Congress during the summer?’ the leader of the Social-Democratic senators further said.

Liviu Dragnea and Rovana Plumb ‘attacked’ each other after Ponta had stepped down as head of PSD. Dragnea said that the post as interim president Plumb should keep after Ponta’s ‘resignation’ actually did not exist in the party. He said there was just a ‘vacancy’ on which the PSD Executive Committee ought to decide, according to Mediafax. Dragnea also pointed out that the National Executive Committee should happen no later than the following week.

Rovana Plumb replied by saying that ‘we need to keep acting as a team and not attack each other’.


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