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May 22, 2022

Robbie Williams in Bucharest: Exquisite show, 60,000 enchanted fans. “Romania, you’ve been wonderful today!”

Famous British artist Robbie Williams delivered an exquisite show in the Romanian capital on Friday night, singing his hits “Angels”, “Rock DJ”, “Let Me Entertain You”, covers like “Freedom” and “My Way” and telling short funny stories to the public.

More than 60,000 fans who came to downtown Constitution Square also had the opportunity to meet Robbie’s father, who sang “Better Man” alongside his son.

Allow me to introduce myself – I am Robbie Williams and, for the next two hours, you are mine – this is how the artist began the show, electrifying, melting the hearts of and at the same time amusing the Romanian audience since 9 p.m. sharp till the end of the show.

Williams took to the stage while a band played “Carmina Burana” and the name “Robbie” was rising on a huge screen behind him. He went fast to the song that gives the name of his tour – “Let Me Entertain You”. When starting “Rock DJ”, the artist got rid of his jacket to stay only in a vest and coming in front of the Romanian fans in a black kilt towards the end of the show.

Williams learned to say ‘good evening Bucharest’ and ‘thank you’ in Romanian, he waved the Romanian flag at the end of the performance and was astonished to see the high number of fans who came to see him outside Bucharest’s landmark People’s House, that hosts the Romanian Parliament.

Still astonished, the artist crossed himself, bowed to the audience and confessed: I didn’t know I am so well-known here. That is…I know I am famous in England… but I didn’t expect you to be so many.

Robbie made a quick funny autobiography in front of his Bucharest fans – I was born in 1975, in England, I sang in a boys’ band, I went into rehab, I left the band, I went into rehab again, I got fat, I lost weight, I wrote the song named ‘Angels’ and I became famous.

The fans were humorously tested if they knew the lyrics of his songs and of other bands too – Oasis’ “Wonderwall”, U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and “Back for Good” sung by his former own band Take That.

When tens of thousands of Bucharest audience began singing “Back for Good”, Robbie smilingly told those backstage – You see? I told you to put this song in the programme…

He also performed “Road to Mandalay”, “Feel”, “No Regrets”, “Love Supreme” and “Millennium”. Swinging, a style the artist had dedicated an album to was represented by “Ignition” and “Minnie the Moocher”.

One of the highlights of the show came when Robbie brought a young woman from the audience to stand by him when singing “Candy”. He said: I know it’s a bit embarrassing, because your husband is here… but do you want to come to my bed?, he asked and led the young fan to a vertical bed on stage, on which pastel-coloured images were screened.

When called back on stage after the 90-minutes show, Williams paid homage to the artists he loves by singing a cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” , which he dedicated to Freddy Mercury and “Freedom”, a song of George Michael.

He asked those present to sing “Happy Birthday” to George Michael, who celebrated his anniversary a week ago.

Among the last pieces of the show were “Angels”, which the Bucharest fans sang several times during the show and the final song was a cover of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”, which Robbie dedicated to his father-in-law.

Thank you, Romania, you’ve been wonderful today! Sincerely…I didn’t know I am so famous here. When I got on stage at ‘Let Me Entertain You’ I was frightened. I hope you’ve had a good time and I hope we’ve been up to the expectations, the artist said, also calling his father to tell the audience ‘good-bye’, according to Agerpres.

Shortly after the show, Robbie posted on Twitter: “Bucharest: sometimes it’s that good it’s indescribable. As good as any show I’ve ever done…you were unbeatable tonight”.

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