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May 18, 2021

CDR: Fiscal Code brings clarity and predictability to businesses

* 21 business associations, members of the Coalition, support the Fiscal Code’s current form


Despite manoeuvres and subversive actions from all kinds of state institutions, political parties and media institutions, the fiscal programme rejected by President Klaus Iohannis is supported particularly by those who have had permanent consultations with the Romanian Government. Below, we quote the point of view of the Coalition for the Development of Romania (CDR):

Considering the fiscal measures’ importance and impact on the business community, the Coalition for the Development of Romania (CDR) was actively involved in the dialogue with the Romanian Government for the drafting of the Fiscal Code. We consider that in its current form it brings clarity and predictability for the business environment. We point out that the Coalition’s involvement did not concern proposals for tax levels or thresholds, whose selection had to do with the assumption of political responsibility.

CDR representatives consider that it is important to put to good use the intensive volume of work done in the last year in the process of rewriting the Fiscal Code, and the new fiscal framework should be applied as soon as possible, while continuing, at the same time, the process of implementing the fiscal modernization proposals left to be approved or promulgated.

CDR appreciates the Romanian authorities’ desire to limit the expansion of the business environment’s fiscal burden through the adoption of measures that contribute to Romania’s competitive positioning fiscal-wise. At the same time, we warn that efforts have to continue to be made in order to maintain a stable and predictable fiscal framework, so that the new fiscal regulations could prove their effects over the medium and long term.

The coalition is an apolitical private initiative built as a collaboration agreement through the collective participation of its members. The coalition is not a legally registered entity.

The members of the Coalition voluntarily contribute the resources and expertise needed in order to formulate joint opinions on public policies that have an impact on the business environment. The goal of the Coalition is to offer a coherent basis for consultations with the Government and other public institutions on themes that have an impact on the economic and business climate in Romania.

The Coalition is coordinated by a Board of Directors made up of the Presidents and Vice Presidents of AmCham Romania, AOAR, FIC and FRBL. The chairmanship of the Board is held through rotation, each term lasting six months, by a member of one of the organizations represented within the Board. Mr. Dragos Rosca, Vice President of the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation (FRBL) is currently the Coalition’s Secretary General.

The membership of the Board of Directors currently includes: Belgian Ambassador Philippe Beke; AOAR President Florin Pogonaru; AOAR Vice President Ana Bobirca; AmCham President Daniela Nemoianu; AmCham Vice President Jacopo Murzi; AmCham Vice President Ionut Simion; FIC Vice President Jean Valvis; FIC Vice President Daniel Anghel; FIC President Eric Stab; FRBL President Mihai Marcu; FRBL Vice President Dragos Rosca; FRBL Vice President Dragos Anastasiu.

The Nine O’Clock editorial office points out that the Coalition currently has 21 members, namely the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania; Businessmen’s Association of Romania (AOAR); Belgian Romanian Business Association; British Romanian Chamber of Commerce; Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania Cyprus; Czech-Romanian Mixed Trade and Industrial Chamber; Danish Romanian Business Association; The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania-Finland; Foreign Investors Council; French Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Romania; German Romanian Chamber of Commerce; Hellenic-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; HR Club; Hungarian Business Association in Romania; Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania; Netherlands-Romanian Chamber of Commerce; Romanian Business Leaders Foundation; Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Romania Slovakia; Business Sweden; Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Romania; “Concordia” Employers’ Confederation.

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