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February 3, 2023

Catalin Ivan: PSD is going to an unprecedented situation in its history

The Social Democrat Party (PSD)  is at the time being in a difficult situation, as it has never experienced in its history, MEP Catalin Ivan from PSD revealed.

He declared in an interview for Ziare.com that he was confident an extraordinary Congress would be organized this autumn, to pick the new leader of the party.

Yet, until the Congress, MEP Catalin Ivan thinks that the position of interim President of PSD should be held by Rovana Plumb.

“The only person who has the legitimate right to hold the position of interim President and to grant interim leadership until the Congress is Rovana Plumb, as she has been voted in March by the members of the National Council and is the only leader in the party voted by other members who can hold this position”, the member of the European Parliament declared.

Moreover, Catalin Ivan stated that he was confident Victor Ponta would resign from his position as Prime Minister as well, yet, he had no security that President Klaus Iohannis would not forcefully impose a PNL Government.

“Of some time, we can tell that PSD is going through a very, very difficult situation, perhaps one it has never experienced throughout its history, yet, it is an atmosphere that precedes a Congress. As you may see, there are plenty of declarations being made, plenty of opinions, an increasing number of voices that demand a Congress by PSD as soon as possible. So, I think that, these days, PSD is like a party preparing for Congress”, Ivan declared for ziare.com.

He thinks it is increasingly obvious that PSD would organize the Congress this autumn. “It will not be able to approach elections with an interim leader. The party needs an established leadership, a legitimate leadership, that would prepared both local and parliamentary elections”, MEP Ivan further added.

“I notice that there is a lot of vanity preceding the Executive Committee on Wednesday, and I do not understand why, as the only legitimate person to hold the position of interim President, and to grand interim leadership until the Congress is Rovana Plumb, as she has been voted for in March by the members of the National Committee and is the only leader in the party voted by members and entitled to hold this position. OK, perhaps she is not the only one, but she is the most legitimate at the time being”, Catalin Ivan pointed out.

Concerning Dragnea’s intention to announce his candidacy to the leadership of PSD, Ivan thinks that the party regulations do not allow such thing. “He can do it only by changing the regulations until the Executive Committee. The regulations voted by the National Council stipulated that any member of a party, since the time he started being prosecuted in a file and the criminal inquiry begins, should resign all top level positions. It is obvious that in such case they cannot run for top level positions”, Catalin Ivan declared.

As for Victor Ponta’s withdrawal from the position of PSD President, Ivan revealed that he had suspected it would happen, because Victor Ponta, just like any other member of the party, must obey regulations, and, starting this March, the regulations are pretty obvious on this matter. He had to resign.

Catalin Ivan also declared he was confident that Ponta would also resign from his position as Prime Minister, but he needs guarantees. “It is natural for him to demand guarantees, that President in office Klaus Iohannis would not impose a minority Government led by PNL, as he announced that he intended to do ever since he had won the elections, and will not blckmail the Parliament with anticipated elections.

Asked about his relations with Prime Minister Victor Ponta, Ivan answered: “The guys from PSD District 1 have tried to expel me, although I was no longer a member of that branch. But they only did it to provide some hot subjects to the media and to create confusion. I am a member of PSD, member of the PSD delegation in the European Parliament and member of the National Council. My relations with  Victor Ponta and with Liviu Dragnea are not among the best of my life, precisely because I think that both of them have made a lot of mistakes lately.

He announced the intention to run for the PSD leadership: “I have announced it in December last year, and I have not changed my mind for a second.

At the same time, Ivan declared his firm conviction that Ponta will not change his mind about quitting the leading position in the party.

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