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May 12, 2021

Elena Udrea attacks President Iohannis: ‘He is not loyal to those who queued for hours to vote for him’

Ex-Minister Elena Udrea, currently investigated on probation, said in front of the Constanta Police Inspectorate on Tuesday that President Klaus Iohannis was ‘not loyal to those who queued for hours to vote for him’, that Prime-Minister Victor Ponta ‘moves back and forth his urge to be in Turkey and his need to rule’, and that the situation in PSD seems like ‘degringolade’.


‘Mr. Dragnea is supported by Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga’


‘I am sorry, but PSD is in degringolade at  this time. It is obvious that all those who are trying to take over the leadership are just playing a personal salivation game. I would be afraid to put to the helm of PSD a person who has the support of the opposition. I can see that Mr. Dragnea is supported by Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga. It’s dangerous for the party to get into the hands of people who easily trade in the interest of the party for their own personal interest’, Elena Udrea said after her compulsory visit to the Police required under her probation order.

For the rest, I don’t know what Mr. Ponta could still do. He permanently moved back and forth his urge to be in Turkey and his need to rule. I am interested in what Victor Ponta does because he is the Prime-Minister of Romania. We have the situation with the Fiscal Code, that was declined from promulgation although it had been supported in unanimity by PNL. Mr. Ponta has a lot of things to do’, the ex-minister also said.


‘All these political battles hurt economy’


Udrea disclosed that she had talked to several economic operators at the Black Sea , who had confessed to her that they were quite happy with the provisions of the new Fiscal Code, but who were then complaining about the latest developments, scared that the economy might be hurt.

‘The fact that investment has dropped by 25% can be sensed in the private economy, and economic operators need more support (…) All these political battles the intensity of which is enhanced with the contribution of DNA hurt the economic situation in the country’, Udrea noted.

Asked to comment on Traian Basescu’s statement that Iohannis was not loyal to his electorate because he had promulgated the law on parliamentary election, Elena Udrea found him right.

‘In my opinion, Iohannis has given his voters so many reasons of dissatisfaction. Most certainly, Iohannis is not loyal to those who queued for many hours in order to give him their votes, he does not do what many hopeful people expected him to. I didn’t have hopes, I voted for him because there was no alternative’, Udrea said.

Mp Elena Udrea has also announced that she was busy writing her book she had said she would publish ever since she got out from preventive arrest. Udrea confessed that the book would give details on her arrest period, but also on the circumstances leading to her being arrested.

‘I write, I have time to write. It will be ready sometime in the autumn, probably September. It’s about my time in prison, the things I experienced there, how I got there, the people I met, what I felt, what happens there’, Elena Udrea said.

She stressed that her book would not make disclosures from her entire political career, just more recent aspects since she got into conflict with the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA).

The former Minister is on trial, on probation, in the ‘Gala Bute’ case and prosecuted in the ‘Microsoft’ affair.

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