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January 23, 2022

Judicial Inspection notified on Vaslui rapists case

The President of the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM), Marius Tudose, has notified the Judicial Inspection to perform the necessary checks into the release form preventive arrest of the seven young men accused of raping a Vaslui high-school student.

The offence was committed last autumn. The seven young men initially tried paying off the girl in order for her to withdraw her complaint from the Police. After the categorical refusal of the victim’s family, Burada Silviu (21), Avădanei Silviu (22), Bolboceanu Petrică (23), Burlacu Paul Andrei (28), Surleac Ioan (20), Rotaru Alin Dumitru (18) and Boicu Ionuţ Bogdan (21) were arrested on 12 November 2014.

On 19 June 2015, the Court released them on probation pending trial, which caused an immense amount of dissatisfaction among the genial public.

‘Following the petition received from the Association for the Implementation of Democracy (AID) on 23 June 2015, by both the Superior Council of Magistrates and by the Prosecutor General in the matter of the seven young men from Valeni, Vaslui County, who raped a girl for many hours until the victim lost consciousness, asking for looking into procedures and most recent decision handed down and check their legality, on 20 July 2015, the Superior Council of Magistrates, through the Public Information and Mass-Media relations, informed us that, on 23 June 2015, Judge Marius Badea Tudose, President of the Superior Council of Magistrates, notified the Judicial Inspection to perform verifications according to its jurisdiction’, AID states in a press release.

According to the association, the case is pending with the Judicial Inspection. The findings will be discussed by CMS in plenary session.

On 10 November 2014, a girl was raped by seven young men in a field nearby Valeni and continued to be abused even after losing her consciousness. Initially, the seven young men were remanded in custody, but the Vaslui Court placed them on house arrest afterwards. In June 2015, they were eventually released on probation pending finalisation of investigations. One of the magistrates’ arguments for releasing them was they were ‘good boys’ on their first offence.


Petition signed by almost 150,000 people who demand the punishment of the rapists


Scandalised by what happened, but also by the fact that the Court released the perpetrators, the authors of an online petition demand justice. The petition ‘We demand the arrest of 7 rapists of Vaslui’ was launched on the petitiionline.ro website and has been signed by almost 150,000 people.

CSM member, Judge Cristi Danilet, wrote on his blog on Tuesday that the petition had no legal value. The judge notes that the petition is misleading the signers because, regardless of the subject, online petitions have no legal value, being mere subjects proposed for debate.

‘I would like this to be clear for everybody, regardless of the subject addressed, online petitions have no legal value, I mean, on their own, they shall never produce any of the consequences desired by the petitioners. They are mere subjects proposed for debate and nothing more than that’, the judge says. He explains that releasing the accused from remand for the duration of the criminal trial does not mean that he/she is innocent and that the public should want quick trials, respecting human rights and ending with the decisive and exemplary punishment of those found guilty, rather than arrests.

‘Since is has to be fulfilled under conditions of complete independence, meaning without any immixture, pressure, threat, influence, justice is not dispensed upon the request of the public or to please the public. Not even the magistrate’s private belief is relevant. What’s relevant is the evidence on file and the law – these are the only criteria the magistrate must consider when adjudicating a concrete matter’, the judge further notes.


People want chemical sterilisation of rapists


PSD Senator Gabriela Firea says the Parliament should resume debates on the chemical castration of rapists, referring to the case of a young woman from Vaslui who had been raped by seven men last autumn.

‘The drama of the Vaslui girl poses serious question marks regarding the idea of justice. As if rape itself was not a big enough trauma to mark a person’s life for life, the victim is now also the target of a denigration campaign conducted by the perpetrators who have been released from remand in the meantime. These things indicate that something is not right, because, here they are, the rapists have no fear whatsoever for the consequences of their deeds, on the opposite, they declare themselves proud and continue to assault their victim in other ways’, Gabriela Firea states on Facebook.

‘Equally, maybe we find it opportune to resume debate in Parliament on the law on the chemical castration of rapists, a bill that has been through Senate and is now waiting to be put on the agenda of the Chamber of Deputies’, the PSD senator further noted.

The PNL co-president Alina Gorghiu has also had a reaction on the case on Facebook.

‘I am still confident that justice will punish the perpetrators in the Vaslui case. As a politician, I cannot afford to criticise magistrates’ decisions. I do, however, regret that the victim is going through difficult times, even after the incident’, Gorghiu wrote. ‘The revolt we see after the media-coverage of this case still shows that our society \rejects deviant behaviours and has had an absolutely normal response to injustice’, the PNL co-president noted.

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