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November 27, 2021

Mayor Sorin Oprescu: ‘It’s nice not having masters’

Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu said on Monday he didn’t wish to rejoin the party he had quit, PSD. He says ‘it’s nice not having masters’ and that, whilst he was called by former Social-Democratic colleagues, he refused to go back to the party.

‘It’s nice not having masters, it’s nice not receiving phone calls. I mean orders on the phone. It’s nice on your own, we should each keep our current positions. I can’t be bothered to play the in and out game or move from party to party. I have always resented that’, Oprescu said on Romania TV.

The mayor however admits to having been courted by the Social-Democrats: ‘They would ask me… I answered them in the most general manner I could, so that I did not create expectations.’

Asked if Victor Ponta has phoned him, the mayor answered: ‘No, no. I think he has his own issues right now’.

Sorin Oprescu also made a shocking confession: he does not rule out the possible Liberal support for a new term in office.

‘I will run with the support of anyone who wishes to support me. (even the Liberals?) Well, you should not be that surprised. (…) Sorin Oprescu does not rule out the possibility of having the support of those people who have convinced themselves that, these seven years, I have not trifled with anything, I have not lied, that I have called things by their name’, Oprescu said.

The assertion of the mayor is surprising as, in July, PNL co-president Alina Gorghiu criticised Sorin Oprescu’s performance as the Mayor of Bucharest, noting that ‘the settlement date might come’ at the end of his term.

‘I don’t know what Mr. Oprescu is doing, apart from the fact that he doesn’t seem capable to offer any kind of explanation on what is going on at the Municipality, but, the settlement date might come at the end of his term and we find out everything the mayor has not done and his co-workers at the Municipality have done, from a criminal point of view’, Gorghiu said.

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