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February 9, 2023

Newly elected PSD leader Liviu Dragnea hails party fellows’ confidence vote, pledges for unity

Liviu Dragnea, who was elected the Social Democrat Party’s (PSD) interim president on Wednesday said after the meeting of the PSD National Executive Committee that he had got a vote of confidence from his party fellows in order to make up a team that should draw up a plan of concrete actions to be applied both across the country and in Parliament, a long-term political programme that should help the development of Romania.

“The vote in the Executive Committee has ended, my party fellows have given me a vote of confidence so as to be able to make up a good team, a united team, a broad team that should draw up a concrete plan of actions on a very short deadline,  both across the country and in Parliament and also a long-term political programme that should further help the development of Romania”, Dragnea said after the PSD meeting.

He added that contender Rovana Plumb, who has been the party acting leader after Prime Minister Victor Ponta stepped down from the position, will keep being part of the PSD leading team.

“One of the main conclusions of today’s National Executive Committee is that the PSD is a united party, which can overcome smaller or bigger crises, this is also the main reason why I am here side by side with Rovana. Even though each of us, having this right, sought our colleagues’ vote of confidence, Rovana remains the chairwoman of the National Council, a politician of serious breadth, a very good minister, a politician who has a lot to say in politics and one I am convinced I can co-work with very well”, Dragnea stressed.


Plumb says PSD coming out of interim leader elections ‘strengthened around best premier’


The Social Democrat Party’s (PSD) National Council chairwoman Rovana Plumb, lost to Dragnea the Wednesday elections for the interim PSD leadership,  said after Wednesday’s meeting of the National Executive Committee that the party came out strengthened around the best premier.

“First of all, I want to congratulate my colleague Liviu Dragnea and I want to communicate all 700,000 party members as well as those who support us, the greatest political force in Romania, all those who watch us today that, after this point, the PSD comes out strengthened, it comes out with a team around the best Premier, Victor Ponta, who relies on a solid governing alliance. We will pursue with our governing programme, we will prepare for the elections in 2016 and will keep doing what is best for Romanians”, Plumb said at the end of the National Executive Committee meeting.


UNPR’s  Oprea: PSD decision, a step towards stability, allows coalition to focus carefully on ruling


The election of Liviu Dragnea as interim leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) is a step forward to stability and allows the entire coalition to focus utmost on ruling, and the confidence vote to Dragnea is very clear and as clear is the party’s option to continue governing, Vice Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea, president of the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) commented on Wednesday.

“The UNPR is further supporting the Government headed by Victor Ponta, the ruling coalition and will continue to ensure Romania’s stability, as it did each and every time. The PSD stays the largest party of Romania and together with the UNPR and its other partners, has the capacity to continue a good ruling, with concrete, visible outcomes for the citizens. We will go further together, for the political and economic balance, for the national interest and for Romania. Simultaneously, the UNPR is supporting the President of Romania, Mr Klaus Iohannis, in all of his projects concerning Romania’s national security. And today Romania is a security- and stability-generating state in the region, a state respected by our international partners,” the UNPR president Gabriel Oprea says in a statement sent to Agerpres.


ALDE’s Constantin: Our partnership with PSD goes on


The co-president of the Romanian Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Daniel Constantin told Agerpres on Wednesday that his party’s partnership with the governing Social Democrat Party (PSD) was going on after Liviu Dragnea was elected the PSD interim president.

“We have, both personally and as a party, developed a solid political partnership as early as since 2011 with the Social Democrat Party, with Victor Ponta, in his [PSD] president’s capacity and with Liviu Dragnea, who has held various leading positions in the PSD since then till now. Firstly, I regret that Victor Ponta no longer is the president of the party but, secondly, the partnership we have with the PSD goes on. It was the PSD’s choice that we respect. I’ve had a good relation with Liviu Dragnea and I’m convinced we will be able to co-work very well from now on too”, Constantin said.


Liberal opposition leader Gorghiu scolds SocDems on election of interim head Dragnea


National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-chair Alina Gorghiu commented on Wednesday the election of Liviu Dragnea as the interim leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) as “the way reform looks in this party.”

“PSD advances in the crisis where it has been staying for some time. Today’s meeting [of the SocDem’s National Executive Committee] is nothing more than a new step in this crisis. What [Prime Minister and former PSD head] Victor Ponta, the PSD and its governing allies must understand is that a change must be made at the top of the government. Romania cannot be led by the refuse of the PSD. I don’t think things will calm down in the PSD and sides will reconcile very soon. The problem is the quarrel in this party impacts the governing. It seems serious to me that the PSD has been trying lately to cloak the crisis within the party by intoxicating the public with all sorts of populist project. They’re all actually focused on the fight for supremacy within the party; governing becomes a marginal matter,” Gorghiu told Agerpres.

According to her, PSD is “in a dissolution process,” while “things are completely different” for the political Right opposition.

“The new PNL is a broad political project, a sound project with only one path: ahead. The latest polls show we’re consolidating our top position in the voters’ preferences; people validate our political action, our sober and pro-integrity political attitude,” she concluded.



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