Only 37% of teachers obtained minimum mark to become permanent

This year, the promotion rate (marks over 5) before appeals, in the written examination of the competition for teaching positions on 15 July is 73.85%, according to the Ministry of National Education. However, only 37% of the candidates managed to obtain a mark higher than 7, which is the minimum score for becoming permanent teachers.

According to a release of the ministry, the papers of 20,570 candidates were sent to be evaluated. 92 papers were annulled at the evaluation centres on grounds of violation of the competition methodology, which laves a total number of marked papers of 20,478.

Of those, 40 obtained a mark of 10, 7,649 (37.55%) – between 7 and 10, and 7,434 (36.30%) — from 5 and 7. Other 5,323 candidates were in the region of 1 to 4.99. Of the current batch, 1,099 candidates (33.86%) obtained over 7 ad 1,211 (28.94%) between 5 and 6.99.

The highest percentage of marks over 7 was reported in Cluj County (48%) and the lowest in Calarasi County (18.47%).

A total of 23,793 candidates competed for the teaching posts / vacated / reserved positions in the pre-academic education. 3,187 withdrew from the competition for personal or medical reasons, according to the approved methodology, 27 were removed from the exam on grounds of fraud and the papers of nine candidates were cancelled at the competition centres for non-compliance with the competition methodology, according to the quoted source.

The final results will be posted at the county school inspectorates and on the website vineri, 24 iulie.


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