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December 4, 2022

PM Ponta warns Justice Minister: If CSM takes no measure in Vaslui gang-rape case, you’d better resign

Premier Victor Ponta on Wednesday let Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc (photo R)  know that if the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) makes no decision in the case of the seven young men who raped a girl in Vaslui County in November 2014, he should resign himself.

“I want to ask you, Mr. Justice Minister, to exercise the entire authority of your position within the CSM, and if the CSM does not take any measures, you should better hand in your resignation yourself, because someone needs to raise alarm that what happens these days in Romania is unacceptable. Maybe this way you caution the CSM members who miss no opportunity to admonish us that we are not allowed to comment on the cases … well here I am, standing up to have my say, namely that what happened in Vaslui is a pretty frequent practice in the country. So I am asking you, and this is no pressure on justice, to exert your powers in this case, the way people expect you to as a Minister of Justice, and I am sure you’ll do that. I want to express my solidarity, not just with the victim in Vaslui, but with all the victims who have to suffer all over the country, and who do not see justice done,” Ponta said at the Government sitting, according to Agerpres.

The Premier underscored that Justice must punish all offenders, but in particular the perpetrators of murder, rape or theft.

“I want to express my indignation at the fact that for years we said Justice must equally punish offenders, but the more so the perpetrators of murder, rape or theft. For years now all we do is wage political war against justice on TV. On the other hand, if the media hadn’t exposed what happened in Vaslui, some dangerous offenders would have comfortably spent their time at home, while we were rejoicing that some MPs or politicians had been ordered into pre-trial arrest. I think this is really serious, we only focus on what is politically interesting or what stirs media attention, and fail to focus on people’s everyday life. I want to believe that something will really change after this,” Ponta added.

Referring to the gang rape case that sparked public outcry in Romania, as the seven rapists of an 18-year old girl in Vaslui County were released pending trial, Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc said on Tuesday that he instructed the Judicial Inspection to assess the matter.

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