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February 25, 2021

The age of women in politics: The greatest two parties in Romania, led by women

The two greatest parties in Romania are both led, for the first time in post-December history, by women. Rovana Plumb on the left, Alina Gorghiu on the right. They both ended up at the peak of the parties as a result of political circumstances.

Supported by Klaus Iohannis, immediately after Presidential elections,   Alina Gorghiu became the Head of the old National Liberal Party (PNL). Now, she shares the leading position in new PNL with Vasile Blaga. Rovana Plumb is at the time being the interim president of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), a position inherited after Victor Ponta’s withdrawal,  TV station Digi24 reported.

“The fact that, right now, the main two parties are led by ladies is a good thing, in principle. Promotion may be achieved on perhaps different criteria, that can vary from competence, personal qualities, self-confidence to promotions by favouring some people and by attracting influential political supporters”, Bogdan Lefter, political analyst declared.

“When a woman wants something, she knows how to achieve it better than a man does”, Teodor Atanasiu reacted a few minutes after his former subordinate, Alina Gorghiu, was elected President by the National Political Bureau of old PNL.

The two of them have worked together directly, seven years ago, while  Teodor Atanasiu was leading the Agency for State Assets Recovery   (AVAS).

At that time, Alina Gorghiu had had six years as PNL member. First, she was local adviser; then, she became member of the Parliament. Klaus Iohannis’ election as leader of the party accelerated her ascension.

In half a year, she was promoted from the position of spokesperson to that of President, the first lady President in PNL.

Rovana Plumb has chosen Social-Democracy over 20 years ago. The acknowledgment of her work in the party came a decade later, as she was elected Deputy for Valcea County and later, Euro-Deputy. Her career in the party was rewarded in 2005, when she was elected president of the party’s women organization and, in the Government, after USL arose to power, Digi24 pointed out.

A week ago, Victor Ponta’s withdrawal as head of PSD has announced simultaneously with the prolonging of Rovana Plumb’s term as interim President.

“It is just a position of interim president and I asked my colleagues as well to support me, so that we could go further”, Rovana Plumb declared.

Even if women being party leaders is something new in Romania, the ladies immediately adopted men’s manners.

“Sometimes, there are elegant disagreements; other times, they exceed the limits of rationality and even honourability”, Bogdan Lefter, political analyst, declared.

The latest disagreement between Rovana Plumb and Alina Gorghiu is based on the Tax Code, sent back to the Parliament by the President, for review.

Rovana Plumb: “I still cannot believe the attention-seeking nerve of people from the new PNL, who now deny their own votes in the Parliament. They do not admit it now that they have voted for adopting the tax Code. I think Ms. Gorghiu would like to reinterpret the dictionary of the Romanian language, just to falsify the votes by her party colleagues.”

Alina Gorghiu: “I wish Rovana Plumb would not become Victor Ponta’s female version, as it would be a shame.”

Both Liberals and Social-Democrats have Congresses to be held in 2017.


Alina Gorghiu,  PNL Co-Presidentalina_gorghiu2

Aged 36, lawyer

– 2002 – becomes a member of PNL

– 2004 – 2008 – local adviser for District 5

– since 2008 – PNL Deputy

– since July 2014 – PNL spokesperson

– since December 18, 2014 – President of old PNL, Co-President of the new PNL


Plumb_Rovana Rovana Plumb, PSD interim President


Aged 55, engineer

– 1994 – joins PDSR

– 2004 – present – PSD Deputy

– 2005 – becomes President of PSD Women’s Organization

– 2007 – May 2012 – member of the European Parliament

– May 2012 – Environment Minister

– March 2014 – Labour Minister

– March 2015 – President of PSD National Council

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