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June 12, 2021

Dusa at Technical Military Academy graduation ceremony: Modernizing military institutions, Gov’t key goal

Minister of National Defence Mircea Dusa attended on Thursday the graduation ceremony of the class of 2015 of the Military Technical Academy, dubbed “King Ferdinand – 150” to honor the 150th anniversary of King Ferdinand’s birth.

On this occasion, Minister Dusa said that the 128 young servicemen who graduated from “all the national security institutions” “will put their skills into the service of the country and of the Romanian people.”

“128 young people graduate this year from all the country’s national security institutions. (…) I congratulate you on the occasion of your promotion in rank. As of today you will head to the military units you have been assigned to and I am convinced that the training and specialization you pursued are those you love and you wanted. As you know, the Romanian Government has set itself as a key goal to modernize and equip the military institutions of all structures, and funding has been assigned to this effect. You are the ones who will benefit from the modern armament and modern warfare capabilities each institution acquires in order to ensure the operational capability of each structure,” said Minister Mircea Dusa, according to Agerpres.

Commander and Rector of the Technical Military Academy, Col. Cristian Barbu, ScD, Professor, congratulated the graduates, saying that “the promotion to the first rank of officer or professional level is the fulfillment of a wish, perhaps of a childhood dream, an aspiration supported by hard work and ambition.”

“The path to one of the most beautiful and dynamic professions – that of military engineer – passes through four doors tightly locked with over 100 padlocks. I am obviously speaking about the four years of study and the many examinations, tests and assessments required to graduate. Therefore, I believe this now is a moment of both farewell and welcome,” said Cristian Barbu.

The 2015 class of the Military Technical Academy is made up of 128 graduates of whom 22 girls, assigned as follows: the Minister of National Defence – 55, the Minister of Internal Affairs – 14, the Romanian Intelligence Service – 15, the Special Telecommunication Services – 19, the Protection and Guard Service – 1, the Foreign Intelligence Service – 11, the National Administration of Penitentiaries – 10, and 3 full fee paying students

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