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August 13, 2022

Knights getting off their horses at the Medieval Festival of Sighisoara during the weekend, on minstrels’ music

The famous medieval festival in Sighisoara is scheduled to be held this weekend, during July 23 – 26, and this year’ theme will be “Minstrels and Troubadours – Five Centuries of Medieval Theatre and Music”. The edition will be dedicated, in memoriam, to director and actor Sergiu Nicolaescu.

At this year’s edition, organizers announced that they would attempt breaking a world record every day. Therefore, they will attempt manufacturing the biggest sword in the world – the Titans’ Sword – of 4.60 metres and the biggest flag in the world – the Knights’ Flag – of 25 – 30 metres.

Moreover, organizers decided to manufacture a pretzel with a diametre of 20 metres – Giants’ Food, as well as the biggest folklore mask in the world: the Healing Wizard’s Mask – a Romanian folklore-based mask of a height of four metres.

The artistic manager of the festival, Liviu Pancu, declared for  Agerpres that, at this year’s edition as well, the event will preserve its reputation as the first festival-performance in Romania, due to the fact that it will present a new artistic self-produced performance.

“The festival has a special merit, that of resisting for so long. It is a medieval art festival that started a trend in the last ten years as far as public involvement in this kind of events is concerned. (…) I was determined to compare festivals of this genre all over the country and to seek the artistic personality of the Festival in Sighisoara.

I had to seek a formula that would find its place both in aspects concerning management and arts, and that could be unquestionable and impossible to equal. In the programs of festivals dedicated to this genre in Romania, about 80 per cent of the artistic groups invited – knights’ orders, music bands, dance companies, etc. – are the same everywhere, yet, the “invention” that granted us individuality on the cultural – artistic market is this brand of first festival – performance that brings the viewer a new annual formula to watch this world of medieval culture”, Liviu Pancu explained.




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