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March 28, 2023

Monica Macovei: Iohannis and PSD-PNL Cartel defy Diaspora and reformist electorate

Monica Macovei has attacked President Klaus Iohannis and PSD-PNL Cartel for “defying Diaspora and reformist electorate”. “President Iohannis promulgated the Parliament elections’ law, that defies the Diaspora and brings no real progress to the electorate that wishes a reform inside the political class”, a press release issued by the M10 party shows.

President Iohannis promulgated the parliamentary elections law that defies the Diaspora and brings no real progress to the electorate that wishes a reform in the political class. The only purpose of the law is to protect big and corrupt parties, especially PSD and PNL. The electoral threshold was increased for alliances (8 – 10 per cent) and the number of MPs elected by the Diaspora remained the same, insultingly low. It brought list-based voting back. They failed to act according to the referendum, by which the nation decided they wanted an one Chamber Parliament of 300 Deputies, so that we will continue having 466 officials, which is still too much for a country that has Romania’s population.

Another shortcoming relies in dropping the topic of long-distance voting (sent postally or electronically). In a recent visit to Spain, the President left it out completely in his speech to Romanian citizens of this country, as he also forgot his declarations during elections and his ulterior statements”, a press release issued by the M10 party announces.


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