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December 7, 2022

Nominee for the position of American Ambassador to Bucharest, Hans G. Klemm heard in the U.S. Senate: Romania is a friend and a partner of the U.S., anti-corruption efforts must continue

The Ambassador nominated by the US President Barack Obama for Romania, Hans G. Klemm, declared on Wednesday, during the hearing at the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, that Romania is not vulnerable for the propaganda of the Russian Federation and the partnership with the USA and their allies is strong.

Answering a few questions by American Senators referring to the vulnerability in front of the Russian propaganda, Hans Klemm declared that, historically, the bilateral relation of Romania and Russia was not a good one and moreover, according to polls, Romania’s population has a negative perception about Russia, as the public opinion is dominated by pro-American and pro-Occidental options.


Romania is not vulnerable to Russian propaganda


Nonetheless, Klemm mentioned that, considering the situation in the region, Romanians are worried by evolution at the east of the border, yet, Romania’s partnership with the US and its allies is a strong one.

Senators also wished to know what Romania’s situation was considering energetic independence and pressure the Russian Federation could place upon Bucharest. Klemm mentioned that, unlike all neighbouring states, Romania does not depend on Russian natural gas and oil exports and it is not vulnerable from this point of view. The diplomat also mentioned that Romania owned natural resources, and that the United States had encouraged the Romanian state to invest in energetic infrastructure and the diversification of resources.


US Senates recommendation for Klemm: I hope you will make sure Kovesi continues to be backed by the Romanian Government


Romania is a “friend” and a “strategic partner” of the United States, nominee for the position of American Ambassador Hans Klemm declared on Thursday, at the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, assuming to consolidate the bilateral relations and to support anti-corruption efforts.

In front of the Senators, Hans Klemm talked about Romania as “a friend and strategic partner” that nevertheless faces two big problems that can affect American investments: corruption and infrastructure.

According to gandul.info, Klemm pointed out that Romania is making efforts in these two domains and the recommendation made by Republican Senator Ron Johnson concerned Laura Codruta Kovesi, the head of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA

“It is an honour for me to appear in front of you today as a person nominated by President Barack Obama for the position of US Ambassador in Romania. I am grateful and delighted by the honour offered to me by President Barack Obama and State Secretary John Kerry. If I am confirmed in my position, I engage to promote the interests of the United States and to protect American citizens, as well as to consolidate relations with our excellent ally and partner Romania”, Klemm said in front of the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“Romania is a firm partner and significantly contributes to the missions for maintaining peace and security on international scale. For many years, Romania has been among the top ten countries that had contributed troops to Afghanistan, first for the Mission of the International Force of Assistance for Security, and now for assistance missions. In order to demonstrate its commitment to defence at European level, Romania hosts a base of the anti-missile system; furthermore, on Romania’s territory, there are hundreds of members of the American Army and Naval Forces, at it is also a regional centre for logistic equipment. Romania had a firm position in support of the United States, to respond to Russian aggression in the area. If I am confirmed, I will work with all my might to consolidate both Romania’s role inside of NATO and our bilateral partnership”, Klemm declared.

“Also, Romania has a key role in granting prosperity in South-Eastern Europe. Due to its considerable experience in the industry of oil and gas, Romania is well positioned to help Europe diversify its sources and transit infrastructure in the energetic field. In this direction, Romania must support regional cooperation, the diversification of energy systems and to increase the efficiency of its own system of gas transportation.

If I am confirmed, I engage to deepen the commitment of the US to Romania in matters of energetic security. The field of information technology is another area in which Romania has a huge potential, a fact suggested by the increasing presence of American companies working in this field, in Romania”, Klemm added.

“We advise Romania to adopt additional reforms for the acceleration of economical development and for the prosperity of the Romanian people, inclusively by creating more opportunities for exports and American investments, inclusively in the negotiations for the Transatlantic Partnership Agreement”, the American diplomat outlined.

“Last, but perhaps most important, Romania has made important and serious efforts to eliminate high level corruption and to improve the the application of Constitutional state principles. As Vice-President Joseph Biden has declared during his visit made last year in Romania, corruption represents an obvious and active danger for the national security of a state. In order to combat corruption, an issue that affects all citizens’ lives, Romania has built strong independent institutions, and dozens of central and local officials were investigated, accused and sentenced. If I am confirmed in my position, I commit to double the support granted to anti-corruption institutions in Romania and to civil society, so that we can consolidate the principles of the Constitutional state. Romania is our friend and our strategic partner”, Klemm concluded.

Hans G. Klemm was nominated to be the next US ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Romania on March 24. He was heard by the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, along with four other diplomats, the nominees to Poland, Cyprus, Estonia and Norway.

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