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August 15, 2022

PM Ponta blames President Klaus Iohannis of “cheap hypocrisy” for having rejected the Fiscal Code

Premier Victor Ponta blames President Klaus Iohannis of “cheap hypocrisy” for having rejected the Fiscal Code over budgetary discipline and issues with the international lenders, while he signed into law other bills that only had a positive social impact, but which were in their turn challenged by the IMF and EC.

“I am glad that President Iohannis expeditiously signed into law the Bill on the special pensions for the military personnel / and the diplomats, flying staff and court registrars! All these had been fair promises of the Social Liberal Union to those wronged by the Basescu/Boc/Predoiu governing formula. But I hope Mr. Ioahnnis knows that these laws too have been challenged by the IMF and EC (and by the Fiscal Council’s austerity apostles!), on ground they have structural budget effects (in the long run), and that unlike the Fiscal Code, they have a positive social, yet not an economic impact! The same applies for the doubling of the child benefit that was promulgated with pomp and glam on June 1,” the Premier wrote on Friday on his Facebook account.

Ponta explained that the he assumes these laws and supports them “out of Social-Democrat conviction.”

“That’s exactly why the cheap hypocrisy of rejecting the Fiscal  Code over budgetary discipline and possible issues with international lenders bothers me!!!! Seriously, we act responsibly in just one out of five instances, while the Gov’t is heedless??? We are five times leftists and switch to the right one time??? This is see-through harmful politicking – I hope Mr. Iohannis finds himself better (and more honest) advisors!,” writes the head of the Government.

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