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June 22, 2021

Trade union leader Hossu: ordinance on dignitaries’ wages not only illegal, but immoral

The ordinance on dignitaries’ salaries is not just illegal, it is immoral too, Bogdan Hossu, president of Cartel Alfa National Trade Union Confederation told Agerpres on Friday.

“Although the government officials state that the budgetary effort (…) will be insignificant, under 600,000 lei, nevertheless, the [Government] Ordinance on the salaries of dignitaries is not only illegal, but also immoral, for it accentuates the gap between the minimum and the maximum income from 1-15 to 1-18. In any healthy economic organization, the management is the last in line when it comes to profit distribution. If things do not go that way, and the management wants to be the first to benefit from available funds, this will favor lack of interest and corruption”, Hossu stated.

Romanian Minister of Labour Rovana Plumb said on Thursday that the ordinance on dignitaries’ wages could be implemented from August 1st. The government passed the ordinance on July 9, before PM Victor Ponta’s return from a medical leave. Subsequently, the prime minister stated that the salaries of dignitaries are to be increased only together with those of all employees within the public sector.

According to Hossu, the law on the wages of public sector employees cannot be fully implemented.

“We believe that the law on the wages of public sector employees cannot be fully implemented. It will be more of an electoral campaign issue and, regardless of the government that will come next, it will be again said that the burdensome legacy prevents the increases from being implemented. There is the possibility that in the first stage the salaries will be raised, but the next ones will be abandoned, due to a lack of funds”, Hossu said.

On July 7, minister Plumb announced that the new law on the wages of public sector employees could be implemented in December. The law will be centered on a ratio of 1 to 18 between the minimum and the maximum wage, and it will feature five main wage brackets.

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