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June 25, 2022

Head of Presidential Chancellery, message for PM Victor Ponta: Cotroceni Palace is not a mailbox

The Head of Presidential Chancellery declared in an interview broadcast on Saturday evening by Antena 3 that Prime Minister Victor Ponta and President Klaus Iohannis have not talked for over a month ago and transmitted a message to the Head of the Government, after the scandal of increasing the Deputies’ wages.

Moreover, Mihalache transmitted the Prime Minister that Cotroceni Palace was not a mailbox, to send just papers, without supporting them with arguments.

Mihalache’s message follows the dispute between the two Palaces on the topic of officials’ wages.

The Head of Presidential Chancellery, Dan Mihalache, declared two weeks ago that Victor Ponta had had discussions with President Klaus Iohannis on the topic of granting a raise to high officials and the grids signed by the Prime Minister, regarding the increase of these wages, were sent to Palace Cotroceni.

Dan Mihalache mentioned that the ordinance regarding the increase of officials’ wages was initiated by Victor Ponta, written by him, too, and has admitted having received from the Prime Minister several mails on this topic, as well as having replied to them.

“I am not the one entitled to mix up such things. I can notice that, lately, Mr. Prime Minister Victor Ponta, after his knee surgery in Turkey, confuses terms. I was asked whether Mr. President Klaus Iohannis has demanded the adoption of this ordinance.

If gave a negative answer.

I would surely prefer not to be placed in the ridiculous situation of publishing the email sent by (PM Victor Ponta, editor’s note) personally, including grids regarding the wage increases of officials and his enhusiasm at that time. He has discussed this topic both with the President of Romania, he has discussed it with me as well and I find it terribly unfair”, Mihalache explained.

“”I would seriously recommend Mr. Prime Minister Ponta to change his political advisers. Because they will slowly destroy him completely”, Iohannis’ main adviser Dan Mihalache declared for the show “Q&A with Alessandra Stoicescu”.


Traian Basescu left the Presidential institution in decay


Presidential adviser Dan Mihalache also declared that, at the start of Klaus Iohannis’s presidential term, he found the presidential institution “in decay”.

Dan Mihalache accused the “neglect” that existed during Traian Basescu’s term at Cotroceni, showing that the Presidential Administration needed “a major reconstruction”.

“We found the institution in decay, from its functioning mechanism, staff, salaries to concrete facts, such as noticing that the Cotroceni Palace is degrading, that wheels are falling of the Presidential cars and so on.

I did not find a minimum intranet or document management system at the Presidential Administrations. People are wandering from one office to the next, carrying file, as if we were during the 70s, 80s or 90s. If you want to know where was a paper circulated, where it ended up and how it was solved, you waste half a day.

Obviously, there was outright neglect to the functioning of the Presidential Administration and to people who had worked there. This is how he decided to lead, out of irresponsibility. The Presidential Institution will probably need major reconstruction – legally, a recalculation of salaries in order to attract people who are competent, not to mention the required restoration of a beautiful historical monument, which is Palace Cotroceni”, Dan Mihalache declared for Antena 3, quoted by psnews.ro.


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