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January 16, 2022

Medieval Sighisoara Festival: World’s biggest pretzel, Titan’s Sword stuck in stone await eventual registration by Guinness Book

The world’s allegedly biggest pretzel, dubbed the Giants’ Food, was baked on Sunday at the 23 Medieval Sighisoara Festival in Transylvania. Organizers are going to submit a homologation request to the Guinness Book, according to Agerpres.

A huge baking plate held 100 kilograms of dough over a wood fire, as the attendance cheered, “Giants, may your hunger be appeased!” Alas, the baker – Dionisie Pajin of Sighisoara – warned that the pretzel would be inevitably white on top, as it was not baked in an oven and the sun cannot produce a brown crust.

Nevertheless, the resulting pretzel, bagel or whatever one might call it had 20 metres in diameter, or a linear length of 64 metres. It required a custom-made baking plate made of steel sheet in Targu Mures, the county seat.

Also, folk craftsman Vasile Ciocarlan produced Romania’s largest popular mask on Sunday, the closing day of the 23rd Medieval Sighisoara Festival.

Ciocarlan came to central Transylvania all the way from his northern Romania village, to put together his 6-metre tall, 3-metre wide Healing Wizard, made of 30 black, grey and white sheepskins, two deer antlers and various textiles. It resulted higher than expected – the original project was only 5 metres.

He volunteered the idea actually came from the festival’s art director, Liviu Pancu, who wanted to submit the mask for homologation by Guinness Book as a world record.


4.53 metres long ‘Titans’ Sword


The 4.53 metres long ‘Titans’ Sword’ forged at the 23rd Medieval Sighisoara Festival was set into a rock on Sunday, awaiting the eventual registration by the Guinness Book.

“Knights! Today good God’s great will was done in Medieval Sighisoara. We, the Order of the Wolf Knights, recognized by God’s will; we, the Knights of the Order of Medias; we, Argotica of Sibiu; we, the Carpathian Knights; we, the Esquires of Muhlbach; we, the Commanderies of the Templars of St Bernard of Sighisoara, Targu Mures, Ardud and Bucharest praise the God’s great will. The Scena Theatre and the Order of the Wolf Knights wanted to bring to you – knights and tourists – and to the Medieval Sighisoara Festival the first Romanian Excalibur. Knights, three ‘Vivat!’,” called Liviu Pancu, the art director of the festival.

It was for the technical director Dan Gliga, however, to explain the technological feat of a team of three craftsmen: a 4.53 metres long, 20 centimeters wide, 2 centimeters thick blade made of three layers of steel band, with copper coats of arms, two wolf heads on the hilt, weighing 135 kilograms.

The knights ‘stuck’ it into a 1.8 tonnes rock brought from a distant quarry and prepared by inserting and gluing in place a sheath into a 50-centimetre long bore, leaving only a slot apparent, where the sword was inserted.

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