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October 19, 2021

DNA Head Prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi: Praised in America, criticised in Romania

In Romania, Head Prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate  (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi has frequently been the target of many attacks. They came from various directions, from underworld figures to top level politicians. The Head of DNA rarely responded though to attacks and avoided entering direct fights, stiripesurse.ro reports.

From Bercea Mondial to Traian Basescu and from Elena Udrea to Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Laura Codruța Kovesi had been the target almost everyone fired at. The Head of DNA disturbed in the last seven months, due to the activity of prosecutors, power spheres in Romania, regardless of political colour.

On the other hand, the nominated US Ambassador for Romania announced in the last few days that he was well aware about the issues in Romania: corruption and infrastructure. During the hearing in the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week, Hans G. Klemm received a recommendation: once he arrived to Bucharest, he should make sure that the DNA Head Prosecutor will be further granted the support of the Government.

One of the most violent attacks aimed at Laura Codruta Kovesi came from Bercea Officer. Straight out of the van, he put the entire justice system on fire by his declarations, accusing Kovesi of having received bribe.

After the statements, an inquiry of the Legal Inspection followed. The results showed that the offender could not bring any proof to show that Dna Head Prosecutor had received bribe.

A day after these accusations, Radu Mazare questioned Laura Kovesi’s professionalism. The statement was made at the Court of Auditors, where the former Mayor of Constanta had been summoned concerning several corruption files that referred to him.

“Ms. Kovesi, before giving suggestions to judges, you should provide explanations about the accusations targeting the President’s brother and the delay in the file, why was it postponed to 2011”, former Mayor of Constanta Radu Mazare declared.

Another attack concerning the Head of DNA came from founder and president of the Conservative Party (PC), Dan Voiculescu. It happened before he was convicted to ten years of prison in the ICA file, closed in nine months, after continuous delays.

“From her high position, Prosecutor Kovesi is allowing herself to violate the law. There should be a sanction that would automatically lead to Ms. Kovesi being forced to withdraw from magistracy. This hysteria is based on somebody’s insane frenzy, and I am referring to Basescu Traian here, to see me in jail”, Dan Voiculescu declare.

Former Regional Development and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea spent almost four months under arrest in the Gala Bute file. And whenever the opportunity rose, she criticised Laura Kovesi. Such moment occurred in March, when the Head of DNA was asked whether Vasile Blaga was involved in the Microsoft file.

Reporter: Has Vasile Blaga any quality or was he interrogated so far?

Laura Codruta Kovesi: Legal pursuit has not been started against the person you asked me about.

At that time, Elena Udrea has declared: “Yesterday’s outbreak, when Head Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi exonerated Vasile Blaga and caressed his forehead truly unveils, actually, the protection enjoyed by PNL leaders and the close partners of the new President these days. Concretely, they are immune, because they are needed to change the majority in the Parliament”.

The idea of a high-level conspiracy was instantly borrowed by Traian Basescu. The ex-President accused the way justice was being made, blaming the Head of DNA, the Head of Supreme Court Livia Stanciu and the Deputy Commander of SRI, General Florian Coldea.

“I did not fight for this kind of justice. Prosecutors hanging scalps to their belts… politician X’s scalp? Who else should it be? Politician Y, too? They are the artisans of these scattered way to make justice, bearing no respect to people who are not convicted”, former President Traian Basescu had declared a few months ago.

The latest such attack concerning the Head of DNA came from the President of the Senate, stiripesurse.ro mentioned. By the end of May, Calin Popescu Tariceanu sent the President a letter asking him to dismiss Laura Codruta Kovesi and Livia Stanciu from their positions. It happened after the Rarinca case.

Each time, though, the Head Prosecutor of DNA kept her distance to accusations and accusers.

Laura Codruta Kovesi: “I would like to mention that I do not comment on private cases. I never did. I can tell you though that, ever since I have been leading this institution, there is no file at DNA where accusations are based on a sole denunciation”, digi24.ro reported.

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