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October 23, 2021

Overpriced laws: How much adopting a sole normative act costs

Over EUR 243,000. This is the sum paid by Romanians for each law adopted by the Deputies. The sum also reaches EUR 150,000 in the case of the Senate, digi24.ro announced.

The members of the Parliament sent for promulgation, in the first half of the year, no more than 216 adopted legal acts, of the 1,200 found on the debate list. Which means that the resources consumed by voting for one law could have been used for the purchase of at least five two-room apartments.

The calculation is relatively simple. The budget of the Chamber of Deputies for 2015 is EUR 52,587,000. The number of laws adopted, sent to promulgation and promulgated by President Klaus Iohannis is 216. If the budget of the Chamber is divided to the number of promulgated law, the result is EUR  243,460 for a sole law adopted by the Chamber of Deputies.

The efficiency of Romanian members of the Parliament is easy to question. In the first six months of the year, Deputies have approved 216 laws and rejected other 247 projects. The situation in the Senate is not much different. Having promulgated 157 laws, the costs of adopting a sole legal act by the Superior Chamber amount to over EUR 154,000.

The price of normative acts adopted by Deputies does not vary depending on their importance. By example, a law on the insolvency of physical persons, promulgated by the president, costs us as much as a law regarding the celebration of Bulgarian language days.

The representatives of the Opposition in the Parliament blame the representatives of power when discussing the small number of laws that get approved.

Ovidiu Raetchi, deputat PNL: “You know the cliché, on one hand it is said that democracy is expensive. On the other hand, there is plenty of inefficiency. But I would not place the blame necessarily on the members of the Parliament. I have proposed 55 draft laws, including five or seven for Diaspora that are vital, such as voting by mail. Do you know how many of the 55 draft laws were finally adopted by the Chamber and the Senate? Only one!”

According to digi24.ro until the end of the year, the costs of adopting a law may register a slight decrease until the end of the year. In the autumn session of the Parliament, several dozens of normative acts will be sent for promulgation.

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