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January 27, 2022

Premier Ponta, without crutches at PSD meeting

Premier Victor Ponta showed up at PSD’s Permanent National Bureau (BPN) meeting on Monday without using crutches, stating that a weight has been taken off his shoulders and he can walk more easily. However he refused to answer the journalists’ questions regarding the date on which he will leave again for Turkey in order to undergo another medical procedure.

“A weight has been taken off my shoulders. From now on I can walk more easily,” Ponta said when asked about the fact that he no longer uses crutches. He did not want to give details about his state of health and about his possible departure for Turkey, arguing that it has nothing to do with PSD.

Victor Ponta stated last Thursday on Romania TV that he needs to undergo another surgery and Gabriel Oprea will become interim Premier once more. “It is very possible I will undergo another knee surgery. It’s not as serious as last time. It’s something that did not succeed last time. I’ll be absent for only several days, and Gabriel Oprea will fill in for me without any kind of problems,” the Premier said.

The Premier pointed out that “if there will be several days of absence Deputy Prime Minister Oprea is obviously here to fill in for me without any kind of problems.”

Victor Ponta stated that this time he will be absent only for a few days, not for several weeks as happened after the previous surgery. “Those who have had problems with the meniscus before know that in several days; this time things are fine,” the Head of Government stated back then.

The Premier discovered following a recent medical check-up in Turkey that he has problems following the surgery and he need to undergo another meniscus surgery.

Victor Ponta underwent surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, on June 15, at the Medipol University Hospital, the biggest private medical centre in Turkey. Ponta returned to Romania on July 8, and on July 12 he announced his resignation from the position of president of PSD. Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea temporarily took over Premier Victor Ponta’s prerogatives on June 15, after President Klaus Iohannis signed the decree designating him interim Prime Minister. Gabriel Oprea’s interim tenure ceased on July 9, the day after Ponta returned to the country.


Gabriel Oprea: “I am on duty. I won’t take a holiday”


Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea stated on Monday, asked whether he has talked with Victor Ponta about the issue of becoming interim Prime Minister again, that he will be “on duty” and the decision belongs to Ponta. “You know what my trump card has always been? I worked and I sought to do my duty. You will see me on duty during this period too, this is what I’ve always done. If Victor Ponta decides that I can take over for a well-defined period, I did it before, I did my duty, it depends on him, but I repeat, Mr. Victor Ponta is the Premier,” Oprea stated, pointing out he will not take a holiday this summer.

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