Budget amendment positive, 4 billion lei more than set in budget law

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Monday that the budget revision that was going to be approved by the Government on Tuesday was positive and added that budget collections in the first six months were by four billion lei higher than set in the budget law.
‘Everybody is juggling figures, but nobody understands them. According to the State Budget Law approved by the Parliament of Romania, by consultation with the international institutions, Romania should have had 13 billion lei deficit in the first six months. That means it should have spent more than collected. In the first six months, Romania has a plus of four billion lei. This means we can give all the money for doubling the child benefits, which was not set in the budget as well as for the other laws also not having been set in the budget – I am speaking of the diplomats, court clerks, non-teaching staff. And we will still have money left, which we hope to be able to spend as well as possible by the end of the year (…) If there is more money than set in the budget law, that means a positive amendment’, Ponta stressed before a meeting of the Social Democrats’ (PSD) National Standing Bureau.
The prime minister explained that ‘being cut from the transport (ministry) is that money that was set as co-funding for projects, which anyway are not being carried out any longer’.
Ponta said such projects will no longer be carried out ‘because there is no time left till December 31, for the reasons you know very well – suspicions, probes, inquiries… Every year the situation is getting worse, namely every year there are more and more probes and inquiries and, of course, projects that cannot be continued. But, I repeat, (we have) money, if we speak of the mathematics that every man who has not studied the budget understands – we should have had a minus of 13 billion, we have a plus of four billion. Therefore in Romanian and in all the languages of this world this means positive revision, since there is more money than set in the budget law’.

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