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January 24, 2022

Former PNL treasurer to DNA search

The former Treasurer of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Vlad Moisescu, currently under criminal investigation in a case also concerning District 1 Mayor Andrei Chiliman, reported to the headquarters of the National Anticorruption Department (DNA) on Tuesday to be present during the IT search conducted by the specialists.

The case against Moisescu is being dealt with by DNA Ploiesti, but the IT search took place at the national headquarters of DNA, where there is the necessary equipment for checking devices the prosecutors took during the searches performed in June, judicial sources say.

Vlad Moisescu is being investigated into while on probation for the commission of the criminal offences of setting up an organised criminal group ad trafficking in influence in a case attached to the case concerning Prime-Minister Victor Ponta’s brother-in-law, Iulian Hertanu.

District 1 Mayor Andrei Chiliman, his private adviser, Ioana Costescu, and local councillor Ion Brad are also concerned in the case.

According to DNA, since 2004, after the local election, an organised criminal group was set up on Moisescu’s initiative, made up of himself, Ioana Costescu, Andrei Chiliman and Ion Brad, committing corruption offences and similar to generate commissions ranging from 10 to 15% of the value of contracts awarded on preferential criteria, from the economic operators favoured in winning the public procurement procedures, during the performance of the agreements signed with the local administration.

‘The suspect Moisescu was coordinating the criminal group, demanding and collecting commissions and deciding on how to manage the funds obtained in that way. The suspects Costescu and Brad were taking care of the part of convincing operators to pay the commissions and collecting them and the defendant Andrei Chiliman, given the competence of his office, was guaranteeing that the companies would be favoured in the process of awarding contracts and, afterwards, during the performance of the agreements. The money received from the representatives of companies was shared between the suspects Moisescu, Costescu, Brad, Chiliman and the organisation of a political party in the following way: 30% Andrei Chiliman; 15% Vlad Moisescu; 15% Ioana Costescu; 15% Ion Brad, 10% the party – District 1 branch’, the prosecutors say.

DNA shows that the 15% balance was used to make various purchases in connection with the extra remuneration of civil servants who supported, in various ways, the performance of illicit activities.

‘Concretely, the criminal group obtained from the representatives of two trading companies, beneficiaries of public works contracts (energy efficiency work on residential buildings in Bucharest District 1, including worksite supervisor services), 300,000 lei and 38,481,488 lei. The latter sum represented 10% of the payments made out to the District 1 Municipality to the company in question from 2007 to 2014, under existing agreements with the institution’, the investigators further state.

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