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October 22, 2021

Judges: Corruption, a threat to democracy

Corruption is a threat to democracy, as well as to human rights. It is what we hear more and more often from judges who issue conviction in corruption cases. Magistrates point out that the phenomenon ultimately challenges even the moral foundation of society. Such arguments may be encountered in the files of notorious names, such as Alina Bica, Rudel Obreja or Stan Mustata,, digi24.ro reports.

The former President of the Romanian Boxing Federation had been convicted to three years in jail for having demanded Sorin Ovidiu Vintu EUR one million to help him avoid a conviction. The judge considered that Rudel Obreja’s defence _ the defendant pretended to be a victim _ is not backed up by conclusive evidence.

The Court also explained while they issued an applicable conviction, although the act of influence peddling did not actually occur. “It is a corruption crime and, at the time being, this phenomenon represents a threat to democracy and human rights, jeopardizing the stability of democratic institutions and the moral foundation of society,” the motivation issued by the Bucharest Court shows.

Similar explanations were also given by the magistrates who had ordered arrest for former Head of DIICOT Alina Bica last autumn.

“Releasing people accused of such severe offences could create a feeling of distrust in state authorities among citizens and the feeling that social values cannot be efficiently protected in the situation of corruption-related offences,”says the ICCJ motivation.

Last spring, former Judge Stan Mustata was sent into preventive arrest. Prosecutors had evidence that he allegedly demanded bribe, through intermediaries, in order to issue dedicated decisions.

“The honesty of magistrates is an essential condition not just for completing the act of justice, but also from the perspective of the unaltered preservation of final means the state needs to have for struggling corruption, or at least, in order to limit its impact”, the motivation of the Appeal Court of Bucharest shows.

The magistrate’s trial is in the final stage, after an initial sentence of almost eleven years in prison.



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