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October 21, 2021

Ponta: I am no longer running for PM in 2016

Prime Minsiter Victor Ponta declared on Monday evening  that he did not intend to run for the position of Prime Minister in 2016, explaining that he had several colleagues in the Government coalition who are able to replace him at Palace Victoria.

“I am no longer running for Prime Minister in 2016. I really want to make the right things. I think that 5 years in this position are a considerable term”, Victor Ponta declared for a TV show broadcast by Antena 3.

Nonetheless, when asked by the show host whether he would never want to become Prime Minister again, Ponta replied: “One never says never”. Also, he outlined that, next year, he wanted the parties of the present coalition to win the majority again and that there were colleagues in the party who could lead the Government.

“In 2016, I want us to win the elections again, besides UNPR and ALDE, and there are colleagues who can lead the Government”, Ponta declared.


Orban made me a compliment when saying that he got along very well with Romania until 2012


While being a guest of a TV show on Antena 3, on Monday evening, Victor Ponta was asked by the host how he commented on the statements by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who had recently attended a political event in Romania. Under these circumstances, the Romanian Head of the Government declared that he was flattered, as far as he was concerned, by his Hungarian counterpart’s statements.

“Mr. Viktor Orban made me a compliment by saying that he had gotten along very well with the Romanian Government, and things changed after 2012. I received as a compliment, because I feel that his attitudes, not as a Prime Minister – if there is an issue as Prime Minister, we will discuss it on private – but as a political leader are insulting to Romania and politically inacceptable between two countries that are neighbours and friends”, Ponta declared.

He mentioned that he did not want to give in to challenges and to “start a flamewar”, but stated his opinion that the Hungarian Prime Minister’s behaviour is “not just offensive, but challenging, as well”.

Victor Ponta declared that Romania’s citizens will no longer accept a Government Viktor Orban would get along well with.

The Romanian Prime Minister remembered having visited Hungary as well, at a political reunion, and having shown respect to Romania’s neighbours.

Ponta expressed his opinion that the Prime Minister of Hungary behaved in this manner because there were Romanian politicians who were Orban’s colleagues in the European People’s Party and who were praising him.

“Ms. Macovei and Mr. Laszlo Tokes are stringing along with Orban, but there are some other citizens, too. Ask Blaga what he thinks about the fact that the Government before 2012 was well loved by Mr. Orban”, Ponta also added.

The Head of the Government explained that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded because “it had to”.

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