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February 3, 2023

National Statistics Institute survey: Industry, constructions and services to grow, retail prices slightly down until September

Managers of Romanian companies forecast a rise in industrial activity, constructions and services for the next three months, as well as a relative stability in the number of employees, and expect a moderate decrease in retail prices, survey data published by the National Statistics Institute (INS) on Tuesday reveals.
According to an INS July survey, managers in the manufacturing industry forecast until September a moderate growth of production volumes (balance +7pct). For some of the activities, they expect an upward tendency as follows: the manufacturing of beverages (balance +32pct), followed by the manufacture of paper and paper products (balance +31pct).
The prices of the industrial products are expected to remain stable over the next three months (balance +1pct). Likewise, the number of employees is expected to remain relatively stable, the balance being +2pct in the manufacturing industry.
According to July estimates, there will be a moderate increase in the constructions’ production volume (balance +12pct) and stock of contracts and orders (balance +10pct). Furthermore, the managers forecast that the number of employees in the constructions sector will remain relatively stable (balance +5pct); the prices of works will also remain relatively stable (balance +2pct).
In the retail trade, for the next three months, managers estimate an increase of the economic activity (balance +34pct) and of the volume of orders placed by traders (balance +32pct) for the next three months. Likewise, the employers forecast a moderate increase in the number of employees (+7pct), as well as a moderate decrease of retail prices (balance -12).
According to July estimates, the demand of services (turnover) will see a moderate growth in the next three months (balance +9pct). Additionally, the number of employees in the services sector will remain relatively stable (+2pct), and the selling or invoice prices of provisions will remain relatively stable (balance +2pct).

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